Generic tablets to increase potency


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The problem with the violation of potency (sexual dysfunction) is troubling a lot of men of different ages around the world. The sources of sexual dysfunction can be both psychological factors and health problems, and often the problem of male impotence becomes the decisive factor in breaking strong family and sexual relationships.

To solve the problem with erection in our online store, you can buy modern drugs to effectively combat this disease – Generic Viagra, Cialis and Levitra – medications that in composition and therapeutic properties are no different from the original drugs, and their cost for the order is cheaper.

Generic Viagra (Sildenafil)

Generic ViagraViagra Generic (Viagra, Sildenafil, Sildenafil) The Viagra generic is the most popular and well-known treatment for erectile dysfunction, which revolutionized this delicate problem in men.

Viagra begins to function within 30-60 minutes after administration and lasts for 4 hours. More than 35 million worldwide have improved their sex life with Viagra, and you change your sex.

Generic Cialis

Generic Cialis

Generic Cialis (Cialis, Tadalafil, Tadalafil) Generic Cialis is designed to solve the problem of erectile dysfunction and helps most men suffering from this problem to achieve a natural erection and keep it for a long time.

Cialis starts to act after 30 minutes of taking the pill, and the duration reaches up to 36 hours.

Generic Levitra

Generic Levitra (Levitra, Vardenafil, Vardenafil) Generic Levitra is a drug for treating the most common problem in men associated with sexual dysfunction. Levitte’s tablet starts to work for 15 minutes after taking and almost the first time.

Generic LevitraYou will feel the effect of Levitra as soon as you get sexual arousal. Your partner will not even guess that you took the pill to get an erection. Try Levitra and you will be satisfied with the result.

The problem of increasing potency today is especially acute in medical and scientific circles. Over the years, professional doctors and scientists have carried out numerous studies, studying and inventing all new means for increasing potency.

Today, even surgical intervention is used to treat sexual dysfunction in men of absolutely different ages. The effectiveness of these or other methods is certainly present, however, the price for such treatment sometimes becomes higher than the result achieved.

To date, most of the drugs to increase potency contains a huge number of harmful chemicals that have a negative impact on the human body and the normal functioning of internal organs. Thus, during each intake of such a medical product, a man must partly sacrifice one’s health. In addition, these drugs have a short-term effect and do not eliminate the cause of the problem.

Modern generic drugs Cialis, Levitra and Viagra are called to safely and effectively solve the problem of increasing potency without harmful effects on the entire body. Remember that before taking medications it is worth consulting with a specialist. Despite the fact that drugs for increasing potency have minor side effects, it is recommended to take special care to receive these funds for people with chronic diseases.

Undoubted advantage of the drugs Generic Cialis, Generic Levitra and Generic Viagra in comparison with other similar drugs is that these drugs do not become addictive even after long-term use. Drugs are not able to increase sexual desire (libido), they help men achieve a natural erection and support it for sexual intercourse.

Generic Cialis, Levitra and Viagra are easily absorbed by the body and have virtually no contraindications. However, one should not forget that a drug that increases potency should be prescribed only by a qualified doctor.



Hand training for weight


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The increase in muscle volume for beginner bodybuilders is a priority. Particular attention is paid to biceps and triceps, which are pumped first. It is the volume of muscles on the hands that demonstrate to others, whether a person visits the gym or not. To build muscle mass on the hands, it is necessary not only to engage in simulators, but to select the most effective program. Choose exactly the exercises that most load triceps and biceps, allow you to quickly progress and achieve your goals and objectives.

The proposed training program does not imply the separation of classes from performing exercises for the biceps and triceps, which is rationally explained. The reason for the joint training of these muscle groups is that they are opposite to each other. The study of one antagonist leads to the restoration and increased inflow of blood, rich in nutrients, the second, that is, the opposite muscle. And if you train both biceps and triceps, you can achieve powerful pumping, which positively affects the increase in muscle mass.

Effective exercises for pumping triceps and biceps

The training program for increasing muscle mass in the arms, performed in the gym, is almost entirely built on basic exercises, but there are also several isolating ones. This allows you to deplete the muscle and achieve the maximum effect of pumping.

The training includes two groups of exercises:

pumping triceps and bicepsFor triceps:

  • Bench press lying narrow grip;
  • French press;
  • Extensions on the upper block.

For the biceps:

  • Raising the bar on the bicep while standing;
  • Hammers for biceps;
  • Lift dumbbells to the biceps alternately sitting on the bench.

This complex is enough to completely deplete the muscular groups involved in the work. The first exercise is basic exercises, and then the emphasis is shifted to isolated movements. Such a system of training is considered the most effective and effective in today’s bodybuilding environment.

The training program is aimed at working out the muscle-antagonists. Consequently, the biceps and triceps are best pumped alternately. Do all the exercises first to one, and then to another group less efficiently.

A program for training hands for weight

To better understand how to pump the biceps with the triceps, the following sequence of exercises should be followed. So, the program is done according to the following scheme:

  • Lifting the bar to the biceps standing (3-4 X 8-12);
  • Bench press lying narrow grip (3-4 X 8-12);
  • Hammers (3-4 X 8-12);
  • French press (3-4 X 8-12);
  • Lifting dumbbells to the biceps sitting on the bench + extension on the triceps block
  • alternately for 3-4 sets for each exercise.

training hands for weightThe first exercises are performed in the usual for many tempos, but with the latest beginners may not be all clear. The final stage of the workout of this program involves a transition to supersets. In other words, first one set on the biceps, and the next approach – on the triceps. Then take a short break. After rest, repeat the bicep-triceps. The presence of a super set at the end of the exercise allows you to achieve a powerful pumping effect and lead the muscles to maximum exhaustion. Use these sets should not be every occupation, but periodically. Otherwise, the risk of overtraining increases.

Exercises for training hands

EXERCISES FOR TRAINING HANDSRaising the bar to the biceps standing At the age of 18 or 19 years of membership in the gym I did not have. All I had was a bar, some weight and some dumbbells. And I only knew the lifting of the bar standing on the biceps. Today, it’s still one of my favorite exercises. I believe that lifting the barbell standing on the biceps is a great exercise to start work on the hands, because it is aimed at balance and coordination. This is not isolation and not the machine you rely on, it will help develop your center and overall strength.

Bending of arms with a rod on a Scottish bench

Concentrate on the right technique – the elbows are tightly pressed to the stand, do not rock, without jerks and jerks, and a large stretch when bending hands with the bar on Scott’s bench. At the peak of this isolated exercise, do not forget to squeeze your biceps as hard as possible for maximum inflation. Stay focused throughout the whole movement, otherwise you will not pump up your hands like the classic bodybuilding champions. Build a brain-muscle connection. This will give you more control, and you can feel the continued growth of muscles. Do not be afraid to play with different grips, it will hit your bicep from different angles.

Extension of hands with a dumbbell from behind the head

For a really thoughtful blow to your triceps, you need to raise your arms above your head. Maintain control when putting dumbbells behind your head, for a really good load, lower them as low as possible and keep the whole time at maximum.

Push-ups on the uneven bars

Push-ups on the uneven bars are an excellent final exercise. Your triceps are already tired and push-up on the uneven bars will give them an additional final push. If necessary, increase the intensity by adding the number of repetitions, counting and decreasing your period for rest. Do the maximum possible number of repetitions, regardless of your fatigue.

Generic Cialis – strengthening of potency.


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General description

As statistics show, every 10th man suffers from a violation of potency. This problem can be solved if you buy generic. Its use will solve intimate problems, return the male power and improve the quality of sexual life.

Generic Cialis completely corresponds to the original preparation – absolutely identical properties and compositions. At the same time, the analogue costs less, and is released as tadalafil. The original drug is manufactured in America, and the generic Cialis in India. The main active ingredient in the generic drug is tadalafil. Lactose monohydrate, sodium lauryl sulfate, magnesium stearate, talc and dye are used as auxiliary generic cialis online

Form release – soft version of the drug (for resorption), capsules (accelerated action time), helium form (accelerated time of action), tablets with a dosage of 10-40 mg, blister (1 piece) contains 10 tablets. On the reverse side is information on the shelf life and the composition of the drug.

If a man suffers from sexual impotence (no matter in what form), it is worth buying a generic Cialis. Tests in clinical conditions showed that this drug has high efficacy, regardless of the type of erectile dysfunction. The price for Cialis is very democratic, you can buy at any time of the day.

How does it work?

Cialis has a similar effect with Viagra, but the duration of the effect is much greater. The active substance is very quickly absorbed, and the smooth muscles located on the cavernous body affect. They relax, through them begins to pass more blood, thereby improving the flow of blood to the penis. As a result, the medication is valid for 36 hours! And this, an absolute record among other drugs.


Acetylcholine and nitric oxide contribute to the flow of blood to the penis. They are synthesized by the nervous system. Phosphodiesterase does so as to minimize the production of the above substances. This drug belongs to inhibitors, and it blocks sopodieestrase. At the same time, this medication is not an aphrodisiac. Therefore, the excitement will come in a natural way, and not from the use of Cialis. You do not have to worry that sexual arousal will occur at the wrong time. After sexual intercourse, the erection is natural. The best result is shown after 2 hours have elapsed from the moment the pill was taken.

buy generic cialis online

Thanks to this drug, you get the necessary sexual erection, necessary for the satisfaction of your woman (and your masculine dignity, of course). You gain a lot of positive emotions, and become more confident in all spheres of life! Therefore, you need to buy Cialis right now, if you are concerned about such problems. Cialis does not increase the desire, but treats erectile dysfunction, pay attention!

How to use?

Instructions for use say that take the drug is at least 30-40 minutes before the alleged sexual intercourse. It can be taken with alcoholic beverages. For 24 hours you can use no more than 10-20 mg. Exceeding this norm is strictly prohibited. If taken simultaneously with antacids, the time of absorption of the drug increases. You can read the reviews of the Cialis preparation on the products pages.


What are the side effects?

Very rarely, it may attract the appearance of dizziness, muscle or headache, runny nose, allergies, impaired coordination of movements, pain in the lower back. If the side effects occur, they tend to be weakly expressed. After a while everything disappears without a trace. If the drug is used for a long time, then they disappear altogether.

“Where to buy Cialis?” – a question that worries many men who have faced such a problem. In order not to report your problems to local pharmacists, you should contact our online pharmacy. Buy Cialis can be at a pleasant price, with delivery in any convenient way. You can order Cialis by filling out the form, or by calling one of the specified numbers.

What are the contraindications for Cialis medication?

The instructions indicate:

  • “It is forbidden to take the drug when:
  • Personal intolerance to the drug
  • Deformation of the penis
  • Angina pectoris
  • Renal, cardiac, and liver failure.
  • Treatment, which is carried out with the help of nitrates

It is forbidden to combine tablets of Cialis with similar drugs and also doxazosin. For people under the age of 18, the medication is not recommended. Use before classes that require attention (for example, before driving) is also not recommended.

Buy generic cialis online in our online pharmacy, the price is very affordable! You can leave your feedback about this or that product in the appropriate form on the product page.

Advantages of the drug

What advantages can be distinguished?

  • Normalization of sexual activity
  • Safe medication (tested by clinical trials)
  • Quick result
  • Long time of action of a medicament
  • Does not contribute to causeless arousal, everything goes in a natural way
  • It is well perceived by the body: it can be combined with alcohol, used for diabetes mellitus
  • Does not have a negative effect on the cardiovascular system of the body
  • It does not harm the chemical composition of sperm, as a result – the absence of negative effects on the health of future children
  • Virtually no contraindications and undesirable side effects

Viagra – best help for men


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Having problems with potency, a man risks to spoil his relationship with the opposite sex. When there is no possibility to satisfy the chosen one, the confidence leaves the guys appearing complexes and a psychologically tense state. It’s time for men to prove that they are representatives of the stronger sex. We are happy to inform you that today you can get rid of such ailment very quickly and absolutely painlessly. One of the high-tech developments of foreign scientists is Viagra – a pill that will change your perception of good sex.


What is characteristic of the drug Viagra?

Viagra, which you can buy on our website, is available in tablets. One platelet counts 10 completely identical in composition tablets. There is an original variation. It costs a lot of money, but you do not want to spend extra money on an expensive drug? It was for the purpose of economy and was invented Viagra generic. This tool for the components and the effect is fully consistent with its original prototype. The only thing they differ is the price, which is lower for the analog product.

Generic Viagra make in India, despite this, it can now be purchased at more than a favorable price. For men, this is a remedy that literally saves from problems with potency. It contains sildenafil, thanks to which the member is activated.

buy generic viagra online

Features of the effect that the tool gives

Sildenafil is responsible for expanding the blood vessels, giving blood faster to circulate through them. The blood stream flows to the genitals – and then it becomes elastic and firm. After 20 – 30 minutes after taking a tablet of Viagra, it starts to work. It will be effective for 5 hours. During this time, you and your second half pay enough attention to each other and both will remain satisfied.


Recommendations for admission

One tablet is enough for hours of enjoyment. It is not recommended to take more so that there is no overdose. It is accompanied by unpleasant sensations. To get the maximum effect from Viagra, you need to drink it 30 minutes before you plan to have sex. The tablet should be washed down with enough water (enough glass). Do not drink a certain course – tablets are taken at will and if necessary. The drug is effective from the first time.


Advantages of tablets

Already with the first pill you will be able to decide whether you are suitable for such a medicine. Viagra is the number one choice in Europe and Asia. It is good because:

  • Has a miniature package – you can take everywhere with you.
  • Gives a quick effect.
  • Allows you to enjoy affinity for a long time.
  • Gives an “iron” erection.
  • Not addictive.
  • After completing one sexual intercourse gives a push to resume erection.
  • The effect of Viagra, will be satisfied not only with the man, but also with his chosen one. Stunning sex all night is just what you need.

buy generic viagra online

Concomitant symptoms

In parallel with the benefits, you can observe other effects that give Viagra. Among the side effects most often manifested headache, as well as dizziness. In addition, nausea is possible. Sometimes men have a backache, but all these symptoms are temporary. Experiences about this or that side effect should not be. Such manifestations are possible for the reason that more funds have been taken than is required.


Men who can not take a product

According to statistics, every 6th guy in our country can not afford such a pleasure as full-fledged sex. But not everyone will be able to help themselves in this situation. Remember that you can not drink such pills if you:

  • have heart, kidney, liver disease;
  • are diabetic or epileptic;
  • suffer from the curvature of the penis.
  • Viagra in such cases will not help, and you risk harming your health. Only after consultation with the attending physician is recommended to decide whether to buy a medicine like Viagra.


Buy Viagra tablets

Many men  are interested in this tool. The drug has become popular throughout the world, and all thanks to miraculous properties. Just something you need to drink, wait a bit – and you’re already a sex giant, the dream of any girl. You must make a choice in favor of Viagra, as it guarantees a quality erection.

Unfortunately, not everywhere in our country is given the opportunity to purchase a medicine at a normal price. How can you save a simple person who simply wants to live a full life? The answer is – make an order in our online store, buy generic viagra online. We specialize in the implementation of Viagra of different varieties. Here the goods have an adequate price. In addition, we will happily take care of its delivery to the address indicated.

The product we recommend is the best option for men of any age. If you are already 18 or more, you want to get pleasure from having sex, and also bring it to love

How to take protein? Usage rules and dosage


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Protein – an essential protein for the human body. It consists of all the organs and other parts. It accelerates tissue regeneration, reduces the level of triglycerides, reduces the amount of bad cholesterol, strengthens the immune defense, gives more endurance during training and even appointed some doctors to treat patients.

Today about protein known. Provided with comprehensive information on how to receive it, metering and mixing with other drugs.

However, a few decades ago, many people did not think about how to make protein. Knew also that for the reception of a protein is a certain time when it is absorbed most rapidly, and there are times when it is considerably slower uptake.

How to take protein? Dosage

Physiologists have long held all of their research and found out that for effective muscle mass a person must consume at least one and a half grams of protein per day from the account for 1 kilogram of body weight. And best of 2-2.5 grams. This means that for each person the dosage will vary. A person who weighs 80 kg should not consume the amount of protein, which consumes man, whose weight at around 120 pounds. Get the right information about this topic, you can always read the directions on the package. They always have information about dosage and any necessary recommendations.

How to drink protein: the optimal time and type of protein

There is a slow, complex and fast protein. Another commercially available protein bars. In turn, are the ways and time of each of the types of proteins.
Fast protein (isolate)
a quick protein called protein that is quickly absorbed by the human body.

Fast protein ideal for increasing muscle mass, to be precise, to accelerate the replenishment of the amino acid in the muscles.

It is absorbed in a few minutes, resulting in the recovery process is as painless as possible and quickly.


Reception fast protein

Protein can be drunk several times a day. Most often they do in between meals. Suffice it to 2-3 doses of 30-60 grams.
Before training
athletes for gaining lean muscle, it makes sense to drink a protein shake is also 1 hour before your workout. Directly before training bodybuilders recommend taking 6-8 grams BTSAA amino acids to enhance the effect.
After training
Fast Protein is necessary to drink and immediately after exercise. At this time the body needs carbohydrates, proteins, and other components. Isolate helps effectively alleviate the work of the stomach.
isolate actively take in the morning. Do it better immediately after waking.


How to cook a quick protein?

When you are buying a protein, complete with a can always “go” measuring cup, as a rule, 30 grams. Dilute the protein can be water or milk. 1 cup diluted to 180-200 milliliters fluid. If you do not put the milk protein – discard the milk. Complex and slow protein prepared similarly.

Complex Protein
Complex proteins – a mixture of various protein types. This is the most best type of protein in terms of digestibility and effects on the body. In the same complex you get casein protein, whey, egg and soy, and, consequently, all their best performance.

Whey protein is prepared from the serum. It has a high rate of biological activity. Take better immediately after training. Its advantage over the other – low cost. Learn more about this type of protein will tell below.

Soy protein is not always processed quickly in the body, especially when not cleaned up until the end. But this protein is demanded today. One of the advantages – reduction of harmful cholesterol in the blood.

Casein protein – milk protein with high biological value. Very slow to digest, so it is best to take before bedtime. Poorly soluble in water, it has an unpleasant taste. Learn more about this type of protein will tell below.

Egg protein is degraded in the body for a long time – 4-6 hours. It is expensive, but has a high biological value.


Complex protein with muscle set is better to accept for 2 hours before the workout, in between meals and at bedtime. After a workout is better to drink a portion of a quick protein. When losing weight does not change the procedure for admission.

Slow Protein
Slow considered a protein, which has long been absorbed by the body for six to eight hours. Slow proteins are actively used by people who want to have a relief figure and reduce excess weight.

When you set a slow muscle protein must be taken before going to bed. During the night the muscles receive the necessary amino acids serving. Protein can be consumed between meals.

When losing weight protein slow reception performed by the same scheme. If desired, it is possible to replace one or two meals.

How to take whey protein?

Whey protein is divided into three types:

  • hydrolyzate
  • Concentrate
  • isolate

Whey protein hydrolyzate – a mixture of components, resulting from the collapse of the isolate.


Concentrate – a form of protein, is very common among drug because it costs a little, but it is effective. The structure except for protein include minerals, carbohydrates and saturated fats.

Isolate . If you compare it with the concentrate, this form has high purity. The proportion of impurities does not exceed ten percent.

Acceptance of whey protein

Hydrolyzate, isolate and concentrate are taken in different ways, depending on the needs. Thus, hydrolysed whey protein is required in case you need to quickly fill the lack of amino acids, as it begins to quickly assimilated. Its more likely to take at the end of training, as well as before it started. Digestive problems after receiving the hydrolyzate of whey protein does not occur.

Duration assimilation isolate more – about 30-40 minutes, so it is best to consume 30-40 minutes before beginning your workout.


protein concentrate may be taken after the training process, as well as during it. You can drink in the morning, immediately after waking up and before going to bed.


How to take casein protein?

Casein is broken down in several times longer than whey protein. It is often used by people who want to remove extra weight and bodybuilders who want to quickly build the necessary muscle mass, muscle ensure the necessary amino acids to prevent their destruction.

Casein at burning fat actively used because it is a long time gives a feeling of saturation, blocking hunger. It consists of very little fat and no carbohydrates. Casein blocking destructive processes in tissues.

When pumping casein is also indispensable muscles, he is actively supplying the muscle fibers essential amino acids for several hours, it is important at a time when the training session ends. Muscle after training process are beginning to use amino acids from the body to recover.


When taking casein protein?

If your goal – to increase muscle mass, casein should be taken between meals, especially when there is no possibility to eat for several hours. At this time, a portion of the food can be replaced by a portion of the casein.

Casein can be taken at bedtime. At night runs the muscle growth process. After training and before it starts to take casein protein does not make sense. At this time, the body requires proteins that are quickly digested and carbohydrates. For these purposes, the best fit whey protein. It turns out that the recruitment of muscle casein protein sufficiently to take before bedtime in the amount of 40 grams per serving.

If your task – to get rid of the extra kilos, casein is suitable in this case: it quenches hunger and at the same time will not allow the destruction of muscle. Casein is necessary to drink two to four times a day. One serving – 25-35 grams. This can be done as before going to bed and in between meals.

How many protein drinks per day?

Protein dosage for each person individually. So we know that in the day you need to eat 1.5-2 grams per 1 kilogram of body weight. But by the standards of manufacturers of the median – is 30-60 grams of protein per 0.2-0.3 liters of water or milk. Or 1-2 scoops to 250-300 ml.

What foods contain protein?


Most protein foods of animal origin contain. The meat, including fish, cheese, eggs, and other dairy products.


Quite a lot of protein in cereals, no wonder parents since childhood has forced many cereals. Rice, buckwheat, oats, wheat, oatmeal will give you the necessary dose of protein.

A rich source of protein – nuts. It cashews, almonds and pine nuts. Some people have intolerance to certain Tir nuts. In general, almonds, hazelnuts and cashews – very useful fruit. They are very useful for the human body.

Legumes – another source of protein. These include peas, beans, lentils.

But to make up the protein by means of fruits and vegetables, enough to eat cucumbers, zucchini, cabbage, avocados, figs.

Protein is necessary for all, however, taking it just is not worth it. In the body of the protein is sufficient for its normal functioning. Protein is only needed if you want to build muscle, lose weight or protein deficiency. Drink a protein only when needed and do not replace them with food.