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migraine chiropracticJust  in case a chiropractic medicine. West talked a little bit today about headaches. From cluster headaches migraine headaches tension headaches. These are things that we see in our office literally every single day and um like anything else out I love arm agree it’s so rare success story in and one of the most recent patients that we have come in. On stacy is her name she actually works as a nurse in the medical field. And I am it was unbelievable to me for it I have very few headaches in my whole life time. But this porn girl had literally a migraine headache every single day for six months before she got the CSN. And it was sad to hear this but this was little in her last years or. So be in the medical field being surrounded by great actors PA be able to to have access you right away. I’m she literally tried everything one thing that they had never checked was they never looked at her spine and nervous system. And down you know most people unfortunately don’t have that checked it should be probably one of the first things check because you can imagine if you choking off the life of your body the only way your body in a sec communicate is from the brain down to their brain stem down hispanic or are these nerves. And it egulates blood flow to your brain a regulates your cerebral spinal fluid. So all these critical things to to either voiding headaches are having headaches was never really checked there so they don’t cat-scans made on a rise in HI several different medications and drugs and things just made her feel you know just I love it and in lieu of rent. However further into us we started just your she literally had three adjustments and she hasn’t had a headache sense. And so to see that happen own once is just a miracle. That you now it’s been spent 19 years a practice with me. And I can’t tell you how many people that we consistently see that story over and over again. Head nurses that an extra twenty years and because I just had never been checked and sick it’s like they’re missing link. So you have to say if you do you have headaches if you do suffer from these things you know especially at his desk often as we see with these people are you taking things is to try to cover it up i’m. You know what a wanna make great mentors told me he had a great line that was no guidance for you to put ads on your system that’s that’s not why you get headaches. So you want to look for the causes headaches and a lot of times you’re nervous system your spine. Are the causes that to injury that may happen ten or twenty years ago. You know and so with us a contract maps that’s one of the first things that we check also you know if there’s no question too many these headaches nutrition as a factor detoxification is a factor. So these are things that we hope coach people through natural processes that they can do on their own how to learn towards how in and get them how they sometimes get him out X.