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neurontin for migrainesComing  up. We will be on location reply in Washington DC discussing the latest advances in treating migraines neuromuscular dentistry and how we can help relieve those painful and lingering migraine headaches with to have the serious top tennis doctor she used on doctor Michael Moore. Party doctor used on is a member of the American Academy implant dentistry the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. The dent organization for conscious sedation Academy of General Dentistry and has received extensive dental training at the world-renowned Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. Doctor more house neurontin for migraines he is a member of the American Dental Association the Virginia Dental Association the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry the American Academy of implant dentistry that dental organization for conscious sedation the DC Dental Society and he has also received extensive dental training as well at the world-renowned Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. Both for these doctors are recognized as pop doctors by the consumers Research Council of America. Welcome doctor is tiny and doctor mortality. Thank you great. Thank you it’s great to be here. Out our pleasure to have you both we’ve got so much to talk about I just and it can be a patient and her husband in fact is gonna be joining us in a few minutes. So let’s start right off the bat if i may I asking you doctor yes tell us how common are migraine headaches and what causes that’s. A great question i’ll go. It has been estimated that one ida hand Americans to suffer from migraine headaches. That a significant number talk millions of people. Exactly and the research has shown that 90 percent headaches are muscle related. I wanted to ask you doctor mortality what are some other typical symptoms that most people experience related to these headaches. Home most people experience headaches official paying dizziness visual disturbances renew here tingling in the fingertips and vertigo. Those are just some of the typical i’ll signs and symptoms the few some people have been playing dirty chip and break the routine. By completed yes is much wider than just. So it’s a lot more broad as far as a sentence that one with bank. Absolute. And I wanted to ask you doctor is tiny on that note if i may what ease neuromuscular dentistry and how did relieve his migraine headaches. Near muscular ministry is ministry that focuses on the proper an ideal alignment the judge doing the by and the muscles up phase head and neck. I wanted to ask you doctor martel if you can please describe the process that a patient will be looking at if they underwent the neuromuscular dentistry therapy. Yes typically the patience will find us they come in for a console initially at which point we take a look at their by to take a look at the proper relationship. So their had Mac upper shoulders thereby and chargepoint. The also a kid some X-rays possibly study models things of that nature report with detailed question you’re with them. With their signs and symptoms will take a detailed look at that. Now and from that point move on whatever treatment media. And I understand that this technological advances which allow you now to diagnose these various issues that one suffers from that could be causing these extreme migraine headaches in a manner that could not have been done say a few years ago. Is that correct. Absolutely actually have specialized computerized equipment on the cutting edge technology that allows us to actually verify all these things in Iraq ha for the muscles are of of forty white maybe of all Hall what’s the extent of the damage and how we can approach to treatment. So they get the benefits as quickly as possible and be assurance. Could you elaborate for a few moments doctor is Donnie some other specific technologies a doctor he was just talking about that help in the diagnosis and treatment offerings. The computer program that he had does take many different scans and they’re in different categories. 12 the category of this can take is called the EMG scans. Basically stands for electromyography. In this can we get to look at the activity of the muscles of the face head and neck. And then the thief muscle has been overworking are not responding was just been too tired because of the misalignment that it has been through over many years. The second scans every pay are this is not a fee of the jar joint basically listen to the judge i neva pick up sounds such as clicking or popping no matter how big or small then. Maybe because that will help in diagnosing and come up with the corec rather treatment for the patient. And other risk and that we pay it’s called the John tracking scant. Movie look at the movement of the job and the like in three-dimensional. And Mb see if the patient does have unification in this 3d scans every cake and again that helps us to come up with the correct them rather treatment. The last and can certainly do it

Or the treatment diagnosis that we do it’s called tensing relax. The muscles of the head and neck and face and. It takes about 45 minutes and after that we will take a snapshot of where it is proper alignment. Should be to that the judge joint the by and the muscles would be alive in the ideal idea provision. Basically doctor is tiny and doctor markazi what you said far incorrectly please if i’m wrong. Is basically neuromuscular dentistry treatments that you already discussed here are looking to her create a balance and harmony within the mouth and with it being the muscles and the key then. So on and so forth that is the area that with the tweaks and the corrections in these treatments are needed to result in that mark balance and harmony which eliminates or at least release these migraine headaches talking about here today I’m not state. An awesome are into a muscular dentistry you actually look at the body as a whole. We freed although these at the same time 23 charge joint to buy muscles and head and neck and facial muscles. We try to create balance all. So optimize their function and neurologist for migraines dad really all these problems nations. Very interesting indeed how long with this treatment typically take doctor is. Typically to treatment takes in the between three to six months. They had patience that have been under treatment for a year. So love with a anywhere between three months to a year depending on how far damage. But most difficult patients is on averages three to six months. In-house after treatment begins doctors one looking at as far as having migraines come back last and last. It’s a great question. Most people all different. Nobody comes in and they have the exact same symptoms the same scenario everybody’s different usual different sets of issues are. So it’s it’s a difficult question time answer. However i’ll most of the patients they rate you look at them you see the improvement in patients most of them have some soda almost immediate improvement. Arm and from then graduate get better and better. Some patients obviously takes longer to get. Sure so the migraine star dissipating and and lesser occur less frequently to the point where maybe within that three to six month period that you all said typically the normal time period. I know varies depending on each patient to the point where they complete their gone. Right now. As far as results go what is one looking at. Obviously the migraines being eliminated any other anything else along the results line. All the results are just amazing. You mean these stations are rejuvenated and revitalize because the a life-changing because imagine they have been in pain for many many years they have suffered from pain which they had no answer to an all they could do is just take medications. And that the treatment that we are offering them. It company changes that and as you will see the new the patient that the interview you can see her life completely change. And the greatest thing with with you muscular treatment is that its non-invasive there is no surgery there is no medication. And we just basically lining everything a lot of patience to you their own body heals neurological migraine itself essential. And you know that’s significant because when I gather thus far as well from what likeness with here today regarding your must dentistry and how to eliminate migraine headaches. Is that when prior this procedure this treatment I should say your mustard industry from what you just said doctors done a few moments ago. People take medication which means are basically taking pain relievers which is like putting a band-aid on a congress or but unless you gonna get to the store in the car actually fix it. It’s just an ongoing. And he is no relief in sight and Intel neuromuscular dentistry advances that you both for educators on today came about there was no real remedy until now. If they’re exactly. So this is basically treating the cause. That the symptoms as well and by eliminating the cause improving because patience he loved really. Now let me ask you doctor mortality are these results permit or are we looking at something here where your five years down the road these migraines can start coming back. Just when we think we’ve gotten. Rid of you must dentistry has two phase. Phase one is to get rid of all the symptoms in the limit the pain. Once the pain is gone and they’re comfortable before the patient up to make sure do or stable. Thats phase one which is still diagnostic. Once thats faces done patients comfortable and feel good and their stable. Den if they want to make a change permanent became faced to which is making that change permanent basically. Ok. And at that point Dr good they’re good. To go good have to worry about that to go. We recommend Harvard that they come back every 3-4 months just for a regular visit just to make sure your everything’s still stable still doing well. As you know things can happen in life have accidents all types of things that can chain some permanent thing to something that’s not stable. Right now very good point because the alignment that was corrected to this history treatment can be on Don for instance if they were in an accident got for better something along those lines to the alignment of. Me we’re not going to meet a patient and her husband. Welcome cam. Thank you. And James who understand Kim your wife. Yes she is. Now that migraine sufferer out at the to view. Is you can’t how long were you experiencing migraines and what type level pain are you experiencing as a result. Well have been experiencing migraines for with leave twenty years but in the past 10 years they’ve been horrible. And over the past two years they’ve gotten crane. So why not it and would be paying. Migraines I’m very familiar with those  and people that we all know there’s millions suffer from migraines andit can get to the part you just totally like you out. Back sleep you can’t function. So on and so forth that I wanted to ask you what remedies did you try cam to correct migraines in the past prior to coming to doctors is tiny and mortality well every over-the-counter medication mcintrye excedrin advil migraine every for. Pain relief and then a bit Liana help it got to the neurontin migraine point where overtaking so much excedrin that it just stopped working altogether.r certainly interesting because I again we can relate to that in i’ll how cute this problem can be. On that note I want to ask you came why did you come the doctor is doctor mortality and also what you have done. Well with mineralogist for barely a year and after being on so many medications prescribe medication. It just took a lot out of me. And I decided that I would try the euromuscular therapy. And that’s what you came here for. Righ.t then how long that process take. Our didn’t take long once I started it it didn’t take long at all I with I with having a at least for migraine a week and 5 head this therapy done. And head your body put into my mouth. I’ve had about for my brain in mind. Oh my god that’s a huge difference. In talk about pain relief. Being good taken out completely have and minimize the worse. Happen well you certainly seem and look a lot better. In your voice seem very happy with the results. Sorry the migraines have been reduced dramatically and your lot happier. Doing life alright. That rights. Since you didn’t your muscular dentistry approach. Right is made you different in my life I mean the quality of my life yes absolutely here now. That’s what it all ultimately does come to i right. Right and James as the husband I’m sure you’re very happy to know that you. I feel a lot better. Right which in turn make you feel a lot better a very happy. With the results up before it kinda hurt me because I was helpless I cannot do anything for her but now with the health doctors. So we’re very happy. Well I’m very happy to hear that and on that note I’d like to thank you cam and James for coming down sharing some lead to do it we’re. Now back with doctor is tiny doctor mortality. I must say doctors both cam and certainly her husband James very pleased with the results. Or they are. They are. Came have had very significant improvement from there she got style. She is now she keeps telling me that her child tells her that I have my mommy that. Are and get that this brings tears to your eyes and hear that from Beijing. Of course in her particular cases mention a few moments ago ten years. Yes long long time too long to suffer from migraine headaches. And have no answers. That’s right. He said he felt helpless. Now look at look at both of them are ecstatic. And and this is such a typical story be here this from so many patients as they go through the process because not only chance is there life changes peoples who were around them changes their life as well. Ride is what affects one affects everyone. The horror everybody goes around them. That’s right. Were positive and and that’s just amazing that something that it makes us from happy for what we do. Yes indeed helping a lot of people this treatment. I wanted to ask you doctor is tiny what makes your organization revive. So unique in this area. The reason we named our practice revive is because the type with an issue that we do. We have found many many instances that patients come into a that they feel rejuvenated revitalize. They feel like they’re new person. Did change in a 35. And the you come to our office. You know if there is a very comfortable and surrounding. It them baseball i cant here. I feel like harmonic

Our intention. Was to make it to be very relaxing comfortable non-threatening to patients and completely different from an average dental office. Things certainly have changed when things are going to the dentist when you come here. Exactly. Things and we have designed their rooms so that even our dental chairs do not like look like it typical that share. They have big screen TV the patient gets to see their own photos X-rays and we can discuss that the patient can go over details for them. Each one other room have the consultation areas if they need to be any discussion with the patient about their treatment they would be in complete privacy and or if they need to bring a family member but then there’s all this wrong and they’re and long so that they can sit the patient. Each room is also why it come through computers digital a trees and. Each patient has control of what music they like to hear during the treatment. Hear me well there. They also can get or a their mouth the first they come in. Our camera so they can see exactly what’s going on in their mouth they neurologist migraine specialist see what we see. Yep folia. Now we only got a few moments left and I have to ask you both before I let you go today. There’s any final thoughts that you would like to share with our viewers. New muscular dentistry has been just mazing highest changed law other people’s lives. And how it can help people get through the pain they haven’t been able to get rid of for years and years to all different types of treatments. So just the fact that hopes people developing I think is amazing and changes everybody’s life me. And without any surgery. No no no not at all node make and they can have pain-free life it’s out there and there’s hope their. And the band aids are gone because no pain relievers needed hen the migraines or eliminate. That be and on that note I’d like to thank you doctor kazi and you as well doctor is Donnie for joining us and both being gassed me. Thank you very much. For having us thank you rock with. Great to be here now was our pleasure I’d love to have you both on again in talk about another interesting topic with industry which should be a surprise for her. I’d love that the.