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Natural migraine reliefHello  I’m out smiles cop I mean urologists in York City and I’m the director the New York Alexander. Something you’re a logical symptoms of migraine headaches include obviously pain I think and then they’re a visual symptoms that often precede the such as boring a vision spots whites zigzags in frontal view eyes both eyes or just on one side of the visual field. Other neurological symptoms include numbness or tingling on one side of your body and that’s not a good sign that was joke usually it’s a sign of a migraine. We call these symptoms migrant wars. There are some neurological symptoms that can occur during a migraine attack. Searchers dissonance with double vision with difficulty speaking or even confusion. There are many other neurological symptoms that are less common and people often become alarmed about them. And it is alarming because we often think that you having a stroke but in fact it could be just the migrant. On the other hand if you are having a neurological symptom that you’ve never had before you should immediately seek medical attention because it could be due to a stroke or another serious problem. However if you having a headache on the regular basis and the neurological symptoms occur on a regular basis with those headaches chances are is migraine and chances are it’s a benign condition.