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menstrual migrainesHello  I’m out smile scopolamine urologists in York City and I’m the director the New York Alexander. Many women have menstrual migraines. Miss reminder is very similar to a regular migrainethe. Only difference is that occurs before during the ministration. Usually two or three days before and two or three days after the flow begins. Semester migrants so very similar except that on the very rarely preceded by visual or. With no reason you’re a logical something that occurs before migraine we see spots or sparkles and from your eyes your on one side. So that’s not common people have menstrual migraines. I’m some women have both minstrel and non menstrual migraines. Menstrual migraines often are more severe and more difficult to treat. Are sold are many approaches that can be applied specifically to mister migrants. First we treat them the way which would any other migraine. Others give them preventive all treatments such as vitamin supplements on and acute therapy. Once their next arts we give them prescription drugs as well as non-prescription medications such as Micromax am at the lineout leave which is like a pro for a minute and naproxen sodium. Some things that doesn’t work I’m and we use preventive therapy. That is the day before one expects the head to common. Many women who have regular periods will know exactly when they going to have a headache. We give them the process already more ibuprofen are twice a day be four the average actually begins. And that can prevent it. We also use what’s called continues contraception daily intake of or interceptors which can work.