foods that fight migrainesFor most people summer means long lazy days outside in the sunshine soaking up the rays. But for people who suffer from migraines it can be a nightmare.

Part humid days bright sunshine and exposure to large changes in temperature city’s going in and add to their condition buildings all big migraine triggers. So what do you do for some a migraine headaches. Well here are some tips that will serve you well both now and any time of the year. Firstly many people treat their initial migraine symptoms with painkillers ball from the chemist. It’s important to take the painkillers quickly as during an attack gastric stacy’s mains that the medication can be absorbed as well from the gut into the bloodstream. Makes relax ation can be particularly beneficial but that preventing attacks and helping to cope with the pain. A migraine maybe helped when you get a good night’s sleep. Well they changes in sleep patten’s even getting too much sleep contrecoup migraines. Now on two things. There’s some evidence to suggest some blood sugar levels play a role in the causation migraines. Blood sugar levels fluctuate according to the intake of food said Pete regularly to keep blood sugar levels stable. No longer than three hours between food during the da or 12 hours overnight. Next keep an eye on clinical trials and also recommendations mother suffers. For example the forehead quick strip schools well him it’s got a mild count irritant that helps to relax tense muscles in the head and neck and relief can last up to four and a half hours. And finally it’s sad but true but if the Sun and heat cause your migraines and try to keep away from situations were being outside is unavoidable.  And remember with an estimated one in 8 people in the UK suffering from migraine. You’re not alone.