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Migraine solutionsOkay  can you tell us your name. I’m Sean O’Reilly. And how you got to my office and symptoms that you came within am how your experience here has been. I found you review a I am a workshop that actually my girl from the ring that decided to you. I am have let’s go to: and I was having kinda autoimmune sometimes I was having major GI tract issues. I might give us real something so adding people can really like oh my god I can get help. Okay I am just as severe heartburn severe bloating migraines. I’m skin just disturbances really bad wrist shot. I am way NY DC autoimmune because does that happen in your family. Yes Iranian runs in my family my mother and my grandmother happily best. And so i’ll inside if they have a lot of the symptoms. I’m absolutely yes yes and I started to press that with a lot of the symptoms right before I started seeing you. Haha scary it was scary. Okay and so and can you tell the audience like how you what kind of treatment you got here and how you felt about them and what they did for you. Absolutely and we did herbal treatments and an we also did chiropractic it was an energy moving and all those things made a huge difference in my life and my migraines stopped II free Boosie my migraines were generally three to 4*a week they went down immediately to about issue and now they’re pretty unusual. I am and what about the digestive problem. The digestive problems I’m match much better am I don’t have the heart burn that I had be four a Adam. I definitely don’t have whenever I would eat .I would get sick basically and I and I don’t have that anymore. I N cash their stuff I guess that my suny. Thank you Sharon thank you for sharing. With us absolutely. Happy to dink but.