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homeopathic remedies for migrainesMe  the moral 00 the sky migraine headaches. It blows my mind how many people I see suffering with migraines headaches in neurological pains. All because they think there’s absolutely no solution out there are currently get rhythm. So when it comes to migraine headaches there’s two options that people usually take. Okay and is usually these option the quickest option an option is usually sometime painkiller tylenol even handle. Something to take here pain when they’re in that acute crisis mode. Okay weather actually having that my brain. Now this is perfectly fine if you don’t mind really once a year because the situation or a couple times a year but typically what I see is these problems develop from once or twice a year or once a month they become daily events for multiple times per week and the problem is ear and a prong is worse every single day. Okay so the user these are things you become dependent on adult heart of pain killers without addressing the root cause of the problem. So you always keep getting these migrants. Now nature chronic diseases s the major chronic diseases that if you don’t take your the problem correctly by addressing the root causes the problem within. Illness always gets worse. It was becomes more frequently it always becomes more intense and iteration becomes are longer. Okay so this is just a story actively here for my patients. Pushes you to say well I used to get migraines only once a year or a couple times a year but now what happens is when I get on the frequency Odom is more frequent source that once or twice a year. I get on every month I get him a couple times a week now. Okay or low see the intensity the studio wanna town on a on a pain scale 10 being the worst Ashley Payne 1b nothing at all the studio wanted it and they say. Now never again there are nine and a 10 a 10 a 10 it totally debilitated some. Okay in the wild things are usually see changes the generation. So before these to get a migraine usual lastly half hour maybe 45 minutes. Now when they get the migraine it last a complete day debilitated in bed they need absolute silence darkness no one talking to Ala Moana. Okay so this is the cycle a chronic disease and it just gets worse and worse and you get sicker and sicker every second of every day unless unless you address the root cause the prom. So purely from the perfect medicine that’s what we strive to do and that’s what we do when we correct up migraine headaches and neurological type ethics. Okay we’ve done well over of forty to fifty cases that have been prominently correctly with homeopathic medicine all over differ Minister the majority then we’re different medicines that they needed to correct the problems. But these people the freedom I raise now in their lives healthy strong life. Okay soul contact us if you guys are suffering with this really know somebody suffering with this and take back control over how. Okay guys that’s that’s why I became a moment that’s why do I do to help people get back control overhaul it to live healthy fulfilling lives. Alright. Thanks very much test.