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migraine preventionI’m sister Kristina Peterson and the founder the organ heading clinic important. We’re discussing how to prevent migraine. My greatest fell to be a familial disorder in most cases and is therefore suspected to be genetic. If a careful history is taken a family history of migraine can be found in someone in the family in one three generations back. We have not yet identified two genes responsible for migraine with aura or from migraine without aura. It is therefore difficult to conduct what we call primary prevention. Which are measures to avoid the development evidence these or disorder. We have only recently begun to understand that migraine is a lifelong disorder and then from people it can be a progressive disorder. Us the best we can do to strive for secondary prevention which means to prevent the progression of the disease or disorder. This is a new concept in migraine and we are just now looking at how best to dothis. Most of what we considered prevention in migraine today. It’s really what preventive medicine and health promotion we consider tertiary prevention. Which is not all that great but we do what we can. The best means we have this woman prevention is avoidance of migraine triggers. In order to do this you must first identify what readers are. Every migraine sufferer has different triggers food triggers are perhaps the best-known but there are other traders in many of these are manageable non-deployable skipping meals losing flee even changing bedtime can be headache triggers. Exposure to bright light high ambient heat and weather changes can also be migraine triggers for many people. Dehydration can also be a trigger. It is important to remember that your triggers can be additive. Emotional ups and downs may also trigger headaches for susceptible individuals. Finally there are a number of preventive medications that are available. These may be appropriate are usually offered if you have three or more hits a month that are disabling and may even be considered if you have fewer attacks per month but cannot utilize my brain specific medications.