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The most popular anabolic steroidsSince the appearance of anabolic steroids has passed more than a dozen years. During this time, a host of products, the description of which today is available on specialized sites, such as, for example, Ruwiki . They differ from each other in properties, quality and price. To today, choose the best product sport pharmacology, the athlete will have to try hundreds or even thousands of products. Each manufacturer endeavor to release different from competitors’ products, in spite of the same active ingredient. Significantly reduce the effort of his choice today will help ranking steroids, divided into appropriate categories (by weight, the strength or the relief and stamina).

Popular steroids for weight set

The very name of the class of substances – anabolic steroids is associated with a set of muscle mass. One of the main tasks of these materials – to increase up to a maximum anabolism in the body of the athlete. By rating the popularity in the recruitment of mass steroids used today are arranged in the following series:

  1. Testosterone. It applies to massanabornyh cycles mainly in the form of esters – enanthate and cypionate. Testosterone has a high index of anabolic and leads to fluid retention. The relatively low cost and high efficiency make testosterone drugs most popular for mass recruitment.
  2. Methandrostenolone, known in the vernacular as methane, is one of the strongest after testosterone, anabolic steroids for weight gain. In the application of the increase in weight of the formulation occurs rapidly, although the quality leaves much to be desired dialed.
  3. Nandrolone. The product combines a high enough index of anabolic and low toxicity. Along with this, the active substance is manifested progestin activity that for men older than 30 years is a significant problem.
  4. Trenbolone. Anabolic characterized in that the aromatizing anabolic and has a greater strength than nandrolone. However, its reception is associated with many side effects.
  5. Boldenone. Substance astrogenovoy low activity and a sufficiently powerful anabolic. Unlike other steroid has a pronounced effect appetite increase.

Preparations for the forces of growth

Traditionally, in the power sport to increase power performance conduct courses using stanazolol and oxandrolone. Both drugs have little effect on weight gain. Stanazolol during the course of “solo” can cause inflammation of the ligaments and joints.

Steroids for relief and endurance

The best drugs used in the drying or during the raising of the relief are Turinabol, Masteron, testosterone propionate, as well as oxandrolone and stanazolol. All are virtually no delay in the body fluid, enhance anabolism and besides testosterone have low androgenic activity. Choose a course of steroids can be both independently and through other using the australiathesport.com