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Gainer for weight gainAmong the sports supplements separately is to provide Creatine, the effect of which is directed to a set of muscle mass. They represent the best option for those who have decided to increase the power rates and to increase the weight at the same time.With the last of many problems, especially if it aggravates the fast speed of metabolism of an athlete.

Increased caloric intake with the simultaneous introduction gainer diet high in carbohydrates is able to correct the situation radically. And after 2 – 3 weeks, even very thin bodybuilder will feel a significant increase in quality muscles.

Take gainer for weight gain must be meaningful, precisely calculating the necessary daily caloric needs. Its high nutritional value helps for a short time to increase the weight. Will it be clean muscles or fat depends on the athlete.The main role is played by the general construction of the diet, taking into account the rate of metabolism, daily activity, and the final result, which aims to achieve a bodybuilder. Correctly chosen sports nutrition and training system in a short time will allow to gain relief muscles and improve physical endurance.

The strength gainer in its composition

The gainer is based on protein-carbohydrate matrix. The defining characteristic is its percentage of active ingredients. The protein content ranges from 15 to 50 percent. Additionally, the composition may include vitamins, minerals, L-carnitine, and other additives. Gainer selected based on the amount of carbohydrates, which can be both complicated and simple. Their principle of operation is different.

For complex carbohydrates characteristic of slow release energy for a long time, which increases the duration of the workout. Their use allows Thyroid and Migraine to avoid the formation of layers of subcutaneous and visceral fat. Simple carbohydrates leads to a sharp increase in insulin levels, thereby instantaneous release of energy. They are effective during intense workouts.

Basic principles gainer selection

The main guideline serves the metabolic rate of an athlete. Depending on her chosen required ratio of carbohydrates and proteins in the composition gainer.

  • For rapid metabolism characterized by a situation where the weight remains low even with frequent meals. In this case you should select the weight gainer with the maximum amount of carbohydrates.
  • At slow metabolism comes back reaction: even a minimal intake of calories can lead to body fat. Use gainer will only aggravate the situation, so the choice is made ​​in favor of proteins.

In the process of applying gainer need to closely monitor the body’s response to the additive. Usually, the first results can be seen in a couple of weeks. On them you can determine the next course of action with respect to the selected gainer:

  • no change indicates a lack of dose or a low amount of carbohydrate – can help increase daily servings or change of supplements;
  • significant weight gain, the appearance of the bump – found the best option;
  • increase in body fat – choose gainer with less carbohydrate.

When a set of muscle mass is important to strike a balance between carbohydrates and proteins. The first focused on providing muscle energy and recovery, while the latter are working on a set of muscle mass. Eating only protein or carbohydrates will lead to a one-sided process and its slowdown. Time required to achieve the desired results is much greater.

For even build muscle gainer should choose, where the percentage of protein and carbohydrate is approximately 35:55. In normal metabolic rate is the best option for a progressive increase in muscle volume.