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hands on training methodology ArnoldRepresent Arnold does not make sense, we all know the legend of the iron sport. But to make out his training hand detail will be very important. Now most amateurs compete iron, given to the arm muscles a huge priority, but the results as such almost do not notice, because most of them even have no idea what real training hands!

In this article, we will fill the gaps in our knowledge on this topic. We thoroughly analyze workout Arnold hands and offer you two training schemes, which, at the time helped him, and you can be sure that will help you, too. So, let’s begin.

Basic principles Arnold

The most important principle of the training Arnold, not only was the use of muscle power, but also forces the brain.In all his interviews, he often repeated that to work his head. Our brain gives orders, and the muscles just execute them. And in order to make a really strong muscles, you can not come in the room and pull of gravity thoughtlessly.Everything has to be deliberate. Below we describe the main techniques that are used by Arnold, in an effort to create a titanium arm.

Uniform development arm muscles

If you look at you from the rear, no one can estimate the size of your pectoral muscles, or, for example, the front of the thigh or abdominal muscles. What can be said about the hands. They can be seen from all sides at any angle.Based on this, Arnold believed that they should be trained and diverse workload, as well as the same quality work out all the muscles that make up our hands.

Yes, yes, all the muscles. After all, powerful hands – it’s not just the developed biceps. It is also a well-trained triceps and forearms. Competent training of hands, suggests that you train all three components of success, not only loved by all newcomers biceps.

Priority was given to the triceps

Triceps – this is the muscle that occupies most of the surface of our hands. Roughly speaking, the entire volume of the muscles of the elbow to the shoulder by two-thirds consists of three heads of the triceps, and only one-third of the two heads of the biceps. Therefore, if you want to increase the amount of hands, then you should not have any doubt about what the muscle gives a greater part of this volume.

Also, given that the triceps – it triceps, work out its maximum quality can not be a single exercise. So your tritsepsovy complex should include at least three different exercises. Later in the article, we will explain what it is. If you are from workout to workout, will “hammer away” their triceps in the same exercise, nothing Diagnosing migraines good can not wait on this. You will develop only one of the three heads of the triceps, and the rest will be disproportionately poorly developed. That of course is a negative impact on the total volume of the hands.

Training hand to the limit concentration

Arnold in ordinary life was very sociable and outgoing person, but as soon as he started training, he was immersed in his own inner world and focusing on the working muscle, I did not notice anyone or anything around.

Very often it is said that the hands on training, he represented his biceps swell with blood and become like two huge bowl. Such visualization for many will seem ridiculous, but it helped Arnold to establish perfect communication mental brain-muscle.

This should be done, and you when you exercise. During the approach, your thoughts do not have to hover somewhere in the clouds. All their attention and concentration you need to send to the working muscles. Only in this way, you will be able to “break” the deepest load its fibers.

A variety of loads and “shocking” muscles

Our body adapts and perfectly accustomed to almost any load, and while there is a process of adaptation, the muscles responsible growth of strength and muscle mass. Once the process of accustoming muscles to the load ends immediately and stops their growth.

Knowing this, Arnold realized that even the best training program, sooner or later will lose its former effect.Therefore, he regularly brought to their training facilities variety of stresses associated with changes in operating weights, speed of raising and lowering, varied different times of rest between sets, perform unusual exercises, etc.

However, the most common methods of increasing loads of intensity in a workout Arnold were several principles Joe Weider. Arnie checked them myself constantly encourages other.

The negative repetition . Incredibly powerful technique in bodybuilding, who can be sure budge, even the most severe stagnation in the growth of muscle. The essence of the negative repetitions that you take the operating weight (more than you are able to overcome) with his partner, and dip it yourself.

For example, you perform lifting barbells on a biceps standing. Your normal operating weight of 40kg. To implement the principle of negative repetitions, take a post in the 60 kg and ask a partner to help you pick it up, ie perform a positive phase of the movement. But miss it yourself, if you make the most of it slowly. It is important to choose a working weight to lower the time was not less than 10 seconds, but not more than 15. One of your approach should consist of 2-3 such negative repetitions.

Forced repetition . The essence of this principle is that when the approach you reach muscular failure and is no longer able to perform the next repetition, your partner needs a little help, and you have to overcome another couple of reps through the “can not”. The reception is very efficient, but you can not abuse its use. Arnie advised him to apply to each of the second-hand training, and only in the latter approach. More frequent use of forced reps will give the opposite effect – overtraining and stop muscle growth.

Partial repetition . This technique also does not get too carried away, otherwise it will lose its effectiveness.However, every two or three workouts necessarily use it. What is the partial repetition? Roughly speaking it is almost the same as that of forced, but without the help of a partner. When you get to the failure and can not perform a full repetition, continue to approach and do the exercise longer with full amplitude, and say a quarter or a third. In other words, pick up a shell on as much as you allow the remaining forces, to those long as you will not be able to move it and a couple of centimeters. It was then that your hands and feel what it means high intensity.

The ideal exercise equipment

In order to fully concentrate on the load coached muscle, Arnold advised to do the exercises with perfect technique and a full amplitude. No swinging body when lifting barbell biceps on (except cheating, we’ll talk about it later) and only complete extension of hands on each repetition.

Beginners, have not yet mastered the basics of training, Arnie advised to lean back against the wall, when the approaches to the rise of the bar standing. Only in this way, it was possible to eliminate the involuntary help back hands.

If you rock the body and help your hands to overcome the operating weight, then here you are working currently in the negative. Weight can be and you take more, but the quality of the load on the target muscle significantly reduced. You will not be able to work out a muscle sufficiently deep level, which has a negative impact on its growth.


Corporate cheating Arnold, when lifting barbell biceps, made this method popular among bodybuilders. It is thanks to Arnie, cheating was found Joe Veydorom, as one of his famous principles.

Despite the fact that Arnold was a supporter of the ideal exercise equipment, cheating was something of an exception. Though he violates the right technique, but it does not facilitate the exercise and make it more difficult.As he explained this technique in his book on bodybuilding.

Apply cheating you should most deliberately. Do not start the curl with the first repetition using cheating. Take your normal operating weight and do the usual number of reps with it. When, for example, after the 8th repetition, you feel that you are no longer able to make further ‘pure’ repetition, you begin to connect the back and continue for another 5-6 repetitions with the help of cheating. However, remember that back in the reception of a mate, basically the same load must take the biceps.

Cheating can be used not only with a bar, but when the curl with dumbbells. Proper use of it, will put severe stress muscles of the arms, which will certainly be reflected in an increase in the indicator of growth.