How to learn to catch upIf you exercise to add to the strength and weight, then pay attention to tightening. This is a wonderful exercise that is able to work miracles with your body. Today we will talk about how to learn how to catch up. A qualitative development of muscle and a solid increase in power rates – that’s what you get in return.

Let’s face it. Most of the “old school” tips difficult feasible, and many people are looking for lighter “modern” swing techniques. It’s very sad. In truth, this attitude shows that we are becoming lazy. Old school tried and tested. It worked before, and no doubt still working now. One of the most remarkable examples are just the pull-ups.

Tightens difficult, no one disputes, and this is especially true for beginners. Many of them made a mistake and gave preference to the simulator – completing upper block cravings. The weights in it, they can overcome significant, but it does not impress anyone. It is better to invest your time in pulling – is a sure way to increase strength, mass and body awareness.

How to learn to catch up from the ground?

This material is aimed mainly at those who can neither catch up once. Those who can perform 3-5 pull-ups, also fall into the target audience of this article. And even those who consider themselves “legend” simulator for the top link, but have difficulty when working on the bar, will also be a lot to learn. Just imagine what horizons open up for you if you master pull?

Many bodybuilders to easily perform this exercise, pulling his Fitness heavy body to the bar, but still hung on the belt burdening well made, to increase the load. Back ryabyat these, of course, enormously wide …

But, probably, enough preliminaries, the whole point of this entry is to let you know – no one is not too late to start learning to be tightened. No matter how much you may be years or whatever the length of your workouts. The benefits are enormous and will be just silly to pass them.

Test force.

You need to determine your current status in the power of pull-ups. Just walk up to the bar and check how many pull-ups you can do right now. Treat this with 100% honesty. Nothing to be ashamed of there is, if you do not never be pulled, because very soon it will change, if you start to train hard. You do not need to lose heart because of the poor results, they are at the moment, you will serve as a good “kick” and a motivator to further success. Having learned the harsh reality, write it down on paper. This will be your current power status.