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What of sports nutrition to take the girlsProteins, Creatine and amino long ceased to be a purely male supplements. Sports nutrition for girls – this is the same complex system of selection and dosage of standard additions. training objectives are different, but for building muscle

and bring the body to the desired look is still needed training and competently composed diet. For girls in the first place is worth fighting weight: one of his gain, others – was released. But in both cases, the body needs to be supported, and there is a question: “Which of the sports nutrition to take the girl?”. Let’s face it.

Weight loss

The main group of sports nutrition, causes an increase in interest from those wishing to normalize your weight – fat burners. By their admission should be approached carefully, taking into account the contraindications and recommendations for each bioadditive. Existing fat burners for women can be divided into several groups:

  • thermogenic accelerate metabolism, increasing body temperature; increase endurance and efficiency (egRONNIE COLEMAN Beta Stim
  • lipotropic suppress the production of fat in the liver and increase the speed of splitting;increase the overall resistance of the organism;
  • blocking limit the absorption of fats and carbohydrates.

The leading place among fat burners can be given or carnitine supplements with its high content of, for example,VP LABORATORY Fit Active L-Carnitine. It can be attributed to the safest, but effective Diagnosing migraines products. L-carnitine – a natural amino acid, which can speed up the fat burning process. It has almost no side effects and is well tolerated by the body. The only negative: only effective in the presence of physical exertion.


Construction developed body is unthinkable without the protein. This rule applies regardless of the gender. Proteins are also needed for women as for men. When a diet quality protein to support the body and provide energy. In the build-up of muscles attention should be paid to serum proteins, for example,BPI IsoHD. The protein sports nutrition to help women take control of appetite and eliminates the feeling of hunger, not overloaded with unnecessary calories.


It is necessary to stress that Creatine suitable only girls very fragile constitution who want to gain muscle mass. In all other cases should be limited to proteins. In Gainer high percentage of carbohydrates, which in addition to good energy returns tend to be deposited quickly into fat when there is insufficient physical activity.

Amino acids

It would take at strength training for muscle recovery. In most cases, girls sports nutrition does not require inclusion of amino acids.


The value of vitamin and mineral supplements is high for all types of athletes and people far from the physical exercise. Conventional pharmaceutical complexes are allowed, but it is still desirable to opt for a professional product. Vitamin and mineral supplements for athletes are more concentrated, have a directional effect and focus on high energy costs. They help strengthen the immune system and improve the metabolic processes in the body.

Among the less popular, but necessary for the periodic use of additives can be noted collagen. It helps to improve joint function and positively affects the health of the skin. Chondroitin and glucosamine can help prevent problems with joints and ligaments. Sports nutrition for girls to pick up necessary depending on the specific objectives and benchmarks. One need muscle growth, others prefer to dry and lose a few kilos. The adjustment should be carried out continuously to increase the effectiveness of diet and exercise program.