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Effective WorkoutHave you ever wondered why only a few of a great many athletes can boast a corrugated washboard press? But apparently, the press exercise – is simple enough: lie down on the floor itself and forth – the more repetitions, the better! Meanwhile, in reality, these endless fidgeting on the floor, probably will lead to calluses on the n-rated place, rather than the quality press will pump.

This “concrete” press – is the result of an entirely different methodological approach, the little-known lovers of the iron sport.

How many reps to do?

Leave all your dreams of a trained media, if you do more than 15 repetitions in one approach. Such a scheme is ineffective. You will ask why? It’s simple. You know what a fast and what is slow muscle fibers? So, your press just yet consists mainly of the first. This means that he, because of the physiological characteristics, it is better to respond to the severe malopovtornye sets. At that time, as a weak load, but a large number of repetitions make your muscles are “dried out” like a marathon.

For beginners, 15 reps – that’s the maximum. Advanced training must conduct the press, adding the burden and reducing the number of repetitions up to 6-8 or even up to 4. Recommended “twisting” to 15 minutes at a time – this is from the complete idiocy. In short, media training should take place as well as training other muscle – hard, intense, but short-lived.

Changing training scheme

How many times have you heard the phrase “the muscles have to work through a full range of motion”, but once this is just what happens when you make twisting on the  Thyroid and Migraine full of muscles of the press can not be achieved.

Where is the exit? It is necessary to change the traditional implementation of the scheme: add resistance and do not twist in the plane and on the big ball. Its spherical shape doubles the range of motion! And the press exercise are twice as efficient. Other exercises for the press, for example, leg lifts in a vise, also increase the range of motion compared to the “horizontal” twists. However, the hanging exercises are aimed mainly at the lower part of the press.

If you do not have the opportunity to train on a spherical ball, make twisting on the bench with a slope. But newcomers better to start with the usual twists – on a horizontal surface and inclined to proceed gradually, with the development of skills.

Nuances in the exercise of press

Many bodybuilders, even the advanced and experienced months follow the same program. It is not surprising that the press have a “canned”. To set out above has been constant progress, consider the following important points.

  • Your athletic “foundation” (what kind of sports you do before bodybuilding). The complex was, the faster your body will get used to a particular training program. For example, if you are involved in high school athletics, your nervous system will be more likely to adapt to a particular set of exercises. That is, you come to a “standstill” before the one who before bodybuilding do not know what sport.
  • Your experience in bodybuilding (how much time you “pump iron”). The longer you train with weights, so again you will quickly adapt to the specific pattern of training. Many experienced coaches argue that newcomers need to change the program every four, every three advanced and experienced athletes – every two weeks.

But what could be the “change” when it comes to media training? For exercises on the press – one, two and miscalculated. Nevertheless, you can successfully diversify their complex. Break an established exercise regimen: vary the number of sets and reps, change the load, tempo, rest time. That will be quite enough to shake the nervous system and give impetus to press for further growth.

Get to the point

We offer you the shock method of pumping the press, designed for eight weeks. The circuit of exercises, sets and reps, tempo, movement, rest time and frequency of workouts per week, available in three versions – for beginners, advanced and experienced athletes. Select the option that is right for you and in two months, believe me, you will not recognize your press. Guarantee one hundred percent, as in a Swiss bank!


Lie back on the bench, his feet keep on Visu. Raise your upper body, preventing separation of the lumbar seat bench. (Recovery time, refer to the “tempo” column). For beginners is better to keep your hands under the buttocks, advanced – folded, experienced – or near the ears, to the additional load – stretched above his head.

Start the movement force of abdominal muscles, not the neck – do not pull your head forward. Keep it straight, in line with the torso to face was turned to the ceiling – so the spine will maintain a safe bending in the lumbar region.

Link to the bottom straight arms

Stand up straight, face to Block training apparatus. Grasp the handle grip on top of the unit. Fully controlling movement, begin to pull the handle down firmly press. Keep the original upright position of the body – do not let yourself round back! (The rate of performance, refer to the “tempo” of the complex, in the graph) Lower the handle as low as possible to the floor, then under the control back upstairs to the starting position. If you feel that at the start of the back begins to involuntarily bend, stop the exercise – the press was too tired.

Ideally, the feet should be parallel, toes – on one line. But some bodybuilders prefer to put one foot in front of another. In this case, with each successive set, change the supporting leg.