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Fast and slow carbohydratesToday, our issue is devoted to carbohydrates and friends. These substances are incredible value for humans, especially for those who are engaged in strength training. You will be able at times to increase and accelerate the desired result, if you know about carbohydrates the most important information. What is fast carbohydrates that slow carbohydrates such as, in what amounts and when they need to be there? All these questions are important in bodibildera life because they intake of carbohydrates is as important as protein intake. Your muscle growth and fat loss depends on the quality of your daily diet, which, in turn, greatly depends on the amount of carbohydrates in it.In general, let us all in order. Go.

What are carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates – are the same organic compound as fats or proteins contained in our daily diet. They are also called sugars, but that’s a scientific term. Although for allegory, we can say that the sugar that you add to your coffee or tea and have a bright representative of carbohydrates. Also, in nature there are other sugars such as fructose or lactose, for example. First, mainly contained in the fruit, and the second – in the milk. However, they all fit within the definition of carbohydrates.

Importance of receipt of carbohydrates into the human body is extremely high, and we can say more – is vital.Thus, all of these sugars from food in our body, under the influence of the digestive system, it breaks up glucose.Glucose – that is to say, the original status of carbohydrates at the molecular level. More details on this will not stop.But it is important to understand the following, that it – the energy for our brain, and if we experience a strong lack of glucose in the blood, then you know that this is to put it mildly, not very good …

If we consider the different types of carbohydrates under the microscope, we can see that their molecular structure varies widely among themselves. Thus, they may consist of a single molecule (simple carbohydrates), and from several (complex). Representatives of the first category – it monosahoridy, from the word “mono” – one.Carbohydrates consist of a few molecules – polisahoridy respectively, from the word “poly” – a lot. They all have a difference not only in structure but also in the assimilation of our body. Thus, if you “eat” glucose, it immediately begins to be absorbed into the blood, while fructose requires more time to process. She first travel to Fitness the liver and only then goes into the blood, previously “turned” into glucose. Although it’s worth noting that both glucose and fructose are representatives monosahoridov, but as you can see there are different ways.

Generally, if you understand in detail so what carbohydrates are, how they differ, both are digested and so on, then we can write a whole book about it. We proceed differently and classify carbohydrates as is customary in everyday life and in sport in particular, into two large groups – the fast and slow carbohydrates. Next, let’s talk about each of these in more detail and analyze what is the difference of first and second, as well as when to use one and when the other. Let’s start with fast.

fast carbohydrates

Quick, or as they are called simple carbohydrates – the ones that consist of only one or two molecules, ie monosahoridy, speaking on the scientific. The most prominent representative of fast carbohydrates is a common sugar in its composition includes two molecules – fructose and glucose. All foods rich in carbohydrates fast, we will not list, but only generalize this group. Almost all of them have a sweet taste, then there is a variety of sweets, fruit and pastries.

Fast carbs are so called because they are quickly absorbed into the blood almost immediately after receiving the product containing them. However, they are also quick and utilized by our body. Generally, these carbohydrates are the enemy of man number one in the diet, but after the fat of course. And one and the other can cause obesity and an order impair human health. With fats, in principle, everything is clear, but how to recover from carbohydrates, an interesting question.

The fact that by ingestion of carbohydrates in our body, the pancreas begins to produce insulin. This hormone “follows” the fact that the blood did not get too much glucose, or it is fraught with its thickening. Naturally we can not vymeryat absolutely precise amount of carbohydrates from food, to give our brain the necessary glucose. You receive the surplus. What happens to him?

Insulin begins to transport glucose into our muscles. Getting to them, it increases the internal energy of the muscles and the way and slightly increases their size, as stretches cells. This is a nice bonus, but also muscle reserves are not unlimited, and if they are already filled, then comes the worst. Under the influence of insulin, glucose is converted into fat and deposited under our.

This explains the fact overweight people leading a passive lifestyle. Since their muscles have almost no load, respectively, they do not require insulin in the whole energy and transports glucose into the subcutaneous fat. It is because of this, nutritionists recommend to reduce to a minimum in your diet foods rich in carbohydrates fast.

But what is it that their use can not be absolutely the same, they are not suitable for consumption? That’s right, the benefits are. We will not dismantle it at the level of nutritional value, and consider the terms of the recovery processes in sports, and in bodybuilding in particular.

Naturally diet athlete should virtually exclude fast carbs, but there are moments in our sporting life, when carbohydrates are essential. So, after a hard workout, when your muscles are depleted and the body is very tired, an urgent need to replenish energy reserves. It was then, and come to the aid of carbohydrates with rapid assimilation rate. This period of time is not casual is called “carbohydrate window”. The fact is that during approximately half an hour after the completion of training, the body, by virtue of its features, the maximum glucose quickly sucks and sends it as glycogen on the “energy storage”. This technique helps athletes recover faster your energy levels and thereby faster start the processes of muscle growth and repair. And rest assured that a single gram of glucose, if you take it after training, will not go into fat.

Here such here, my friends, the pros and cons of fast carbohydrates. What is more and what is less visible to the naked eye, but if you use them correctly, it can be reduced to one big plus. Keep this in mind.

Slow carbohydrates

The second largest group, which we divided all carbohydrates are slow or as they are called complex carbohydrates. This species is already more than two molecules and represent a more complex organic substances. The role of the slow carbohydrate in the diet of an athlete more important and significant than the role of fast. If the fast carbs we do our best to protect themselves, the slow carbohydrates should form the basis and a large part of our diet, especially if we want to gain muscle mass. The category of products containing these carbohydrates include different kind of cereals, potatoes, not Viennoiserie, as well as representatives of legumes – peas, beans, etc.

In contrast to the quick, this group of carbohydrates absorbed into the bloodstream at a much slower pace, but more evenly. Accordingly, the overall energy level of the body is kept at a stable level for a long time. Insulin slowly “delivers” glucose to the brain and muscles, according to their needs, at the same time, it is often the excess is not observed, so the fat reserves of the body is not replenished.

With regard to their use, then there is not so simple as with fast carbohydrates. It is logical to assume that it is necessary to use uglevodosoderzhaschyuyu eat before training, to provide itself with energy for the whole period of training. However, this is not quite true. Strength training does not consume glucose in its pure form. It draws its energy from the reserves of the body – glycogen. Glycogen – a kind of conservative carbohydrates, which collects them in the liver and keeps in reserve, in case of extreme loads, which is training with weights.

The reserves of glycogen are going slowly, for a few days, since their devastation. Therefore, it is important to consume carbohydrates slow, not only on the eve of training, but also during the day, too. Generally, predominantly of carbohydrates and must contain all of your diet, as with regular workouts regularly will be spent and glycogen stores, which will need to be replenished on a regular basis, too. In other words, slow carbohydrates you need is always there. To fully make your diet, use the table glycemic index foods. The lower the index, the more complex carbohydrates contained in these products and the slower their assimilation and better quality.