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Draw the muscles of the body – half the battle. It is important to be able to sell yourself to the viewer. Kayu Greene succeeded.

“I am more than a bodybuilder. I’m more than a name. I am more than an artist. I am more than a masterpiece. I’m Kai Green, “the official website of this muscular man say.

He was born in Brooklyn in 1975. Parents did not give a damn about Kai, and from the age of 6 he took over the care of the state. Simply put, Kai was sent to an orphanage, where people come out either as criminals or as geniuses. Kai Green chose the second.

He wanted to be an artist from childhood. Kai daily worked on himself: he swayed and gained weight. “I was always focused on the result. At school I sometimes missed classes and ate and slept all day. ”

Kai Greene Olympia Battle !

During his studies in high school, Kai Green took part in the youthful show of bodybuilders and took first place. For the first time becoming the second, he paused in his career – to return with such a mountain of muscles that no one had ever seen.

The key place in the life of Green was the 5th Avenue Gym in New York. According to the bodybuilder, it was there that he met people who motivated him to work further, where he saw those whom he wanted to grow up, and subsequently to grow.

At the age of 18, when peers chose suits at the prom, Kai weighed 118 kg, stole 227 kg and squatted 360 times. His diet consisted of 200 eggs a day. Either of the 30 chicken breasts is robust, right?

Green was the first in almost all tournaments in which he participated, but did not stop. The spectators were amazed not so much by his body (although here it is not equal to him), how much ability to show it. One pose smoothly passed into another, and that one even more imperceptibly into the third – the performance was fascinating. Separate attention should be paid to the demonstration programs of Kay Green, on which he dances breakdance, jumps on the pectoral muscles and stands on his head. “My mission is to popularize bodybuilding. It’s a shame when pumped up guys go on stage and can not show anything. I believe that we should strongly welcome those who are trying to bring something new into the speeches. ”