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The stops for push-ups – this is a device with which you can achieve a certain goal. They can be used effectively to study the category of muscle, which is difficult to use in standard exercises. For example, if you are not strong enough hand, squeezing it with their fists can cause damage to the joints. A via stops, this may be avoided. They do less load on the brush, with good pumped muscles by increasing the amplitude of the exercise. This power trainer pumping biceps, triceps, back muscles, chest press. The design of this equipment allows you to store it in the office, at home, or even in a tent. If you have got somewhere in the country, and exercise the sacred for you, then it stops for push-ups for you.

The very design of the simulator plan has ancient roots. His little changed, added usability and voila – in front of you a compact and highly effective trainer. The work on the simulator is useful for virtually all sports. It helps to achieve fitness goals, CrossFit, martial arts, and even in the usual athletics. Placing this handy mini machine determines the muscle group that will train. The simplest exercise – it pushups or laying emphasis, in this case from the simulator.Statement handles determines the load on the muscle group. Chance of narrow and medium grip. To work on the simulator you need to define the purpose, that is what you want to achieve in working with him. For example, you are a woman and you want to have a beautiful, firmer breasts and tiny waist. Then work on the machine with its own weight will help you to correct your figure. It is important to understand one thing, that the simulator – not a magic wand and it is still necessary to “popahat”.

Types stops. Basically there are two types:

– Stationary stops. Have subspecies: horizontal and inclined. Is a conventional design with a metal or plastic with handles that must be covered by a soft material to prevent slides hands. The horizontal thrusts, handles (rods) are attached in parallel to the floor, have inclined – tilted. This kind of stops has certain limitations in features.

– Rotary stops. They are universal fence. The basis of their round, handles rotate 360 ​​degrees, which makes it possible to distribute, adjust the load on the muscles.

How to choose the right stops for push-ups?

Manufacturers offer us a huge range of exercise equipment, different types, sizes, materials. First of all, you need to get acquainted with the technical specifications of the simulator. Pay attention to the size of the handle on the material sports nutrition of manufacture. Thus, the metal supports by weight calculated to 110-150 kg of plastic stops – up to 100-110 kg. It is better to make a choice, guided by quality rather than price. Note the strength of the shell, it does not slide on the floor. If the emphasis is made of plastic – free of foreign smell. And still in the store, try the focus on yourself to your classes were more comfortable and effective.

What can be achieved using stops for push-ups?

For a start it would be advisable to define the program itself the goal. For each exercise has its own machinery. It should stick to it. If you are a man and want a strong handshake, then the work with stops for push-ups will help you to develop in the hands of the reactive power and no one can force you to bend under whose brutal fact “rukolamaniem”. For fighters of different styles is a good tool that would develop muscles for close combat, and this side blows, uppercuts, as the emphasis is rapidly developing forearms, shoulders, chest and triceps muscle groups.For wrestlers stops help develop tenacity. You will become a real vise!

Standing in the palm push-ups – this is the real test for the athlete. This group developed the waist muscles, hips and pelvis. The machine helps to develop endurance throughout the muscular system. The muscles must be strong and hardy. After all, in addition to all the functions they perform and protective action. The stops for push-ups is well suited for children from 10 years. Formation of the body at this stage is very important for their healthy future.

Despite its simplicity stops for push-ups is very useful. Due to the presence of only their personal and a little perseverance, you can achieve considerable. You can throw them in the trunk and carry with them. In the office, they will help your body to gain energy. Stops can also be used for rehabilitation after injuries tyazhkosti average.Exercises to strengthen the stops your vertebrae. In general, this simple mini simulator you will be irreplaceable friend on the way to a healthy lifestyle.