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ANABOL TABLETSAnabol tablets – trade name (ICN) synthetic substances melaniziruyuschego trioksalena. As you may know, the normal pigmentation of the skin is due to melanin. This chemical is produced in melanocytes located in the main layers of the epidermis (skin). Melanin is formed by the enzyme reaction, the conversion of tyrosine to DOPA by the enzyme tirosinaza. To complete this process requires the radiant energy in the form of ultraviolet light, as in sunburn. However, it is not clear exactly how the Trisoralen. Some scientists believe that the drug acts directly on the epidermis, in particular melanocytes. Others believe that it acts as an inflammatory, and melanin production occurs as a result of this. But be that as it may, Trisoralen accelerates skin pigmentation.

In medical use the drug is used to treat skin diseases. It is effectively used for the treatment of different cases of vitiligo. This disorder associated with a loss of pigmentation. In many cases, the skin becomes spotty, it has an uneven appearance. Depending on the severity of the disease Anabol tablets must be used within the next few months to slowly and safely restore the skin. In many cases, the treatment occurs periodically to avoid recurrence of disease in the future. Trisoralen also used when necessary to improve the portability of sunlight. The extreme cases are albinism, when the body does not produce pigment.Anabol tablets not stimulate new pigmentation and helps prevent sunburn. This protective effect is accompanied by a greater delay melanin in the skin, even though the entire process of melanin production can not be completed. Often, people with fair skin are used Trisoralen to avoid burns or sunburn when exposed to direct sunlight. In many cases, people using this medication, preparing for a tropical vacation.Regular use of the drug will increase the residence time in the sun, and will contribute to tan and not burn.

Bodybuilders believe this medicine is very useful when preparing for a competition. It is no secret that the dark skin makes the muscles more attractive form. Muscles seem more impressive. For many bodybuilders, particularly with light skin, dark skin is not easy to achieve. Although it is possible to use different colors for the skin, with the substance as Trisoralen, the skin has a natural look. For high-class bodybuilders this medicine is simply irreplaceable.

The usual dosage – is 2 tablets of 5 mg 2-4 hours before sun exposure. At the beginning of therapy, it is important to gradually increase the time of exposure to the sun, as this drug can cause severe burns if spending a lot of time in the sun. It is also important not to exceed the dose, as an overdose increases the chances of getting burned. If you accidentally take an overdose or a burn notice after taking the medication, you need to avoid the appearance of the sun for the next 8 hours. It should be noted that some suffer indigestion if medication reception. If you take Anabol tablets the medicine with milk or after meals, it will help.Some need to reduce the dose to 5 mg, typically it is transferred easier. This amount is enough for a good result, but it will manifest itself slowly. Observations have shown that the drug has a strain on the liver. For caution Trisoralena reception can be limited to 2-4 weeks. In fact, patients prescribed this medicine for 2 weeks, which is sufficient to improve the portability of the sun. Since bodybuilders generally take this medicine for a short time before the competition, it is not a big problem.