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CutbolCutbol – Testosterone injections is oil, which is widely produced. Added propionate ester will slow the release of steroid from the injection site, but only for a few days. Therefore, testosterone propionate acts much faster than other testosterone esters (enanthate and cypionate), and requires more frequent injections. If cypionate or enanthate injected weekly, propionate is administered once every three days. Figure 1 illustrates the drug release after injection. As you can see, the level increases rapidly and then falls rapidly. Ether Propionate annoying injection site, so this drug is poorly tolerated. Sensitive people do not accept it, because they have significant pain and sometimes low-grade fever that may last for several days. Even a slight pain that occurs in many, not very pleasant, especially if you make multiple injections per week. “Standard” esters, enanthate and cypionate, better tolerated, which makes them more popular among athletes.

Those who are not bothered by frequent injections, consider propionate effective steroid. Of course, this is a powerful mass drug, capable of producing rapid increases in strength and size. At the same time, the buildup of estrogen and dihydrotestosterone, so the typical testosterone side effects. Some consider propionate softest of all the testosterone esters and prefer to use it during a diet, and at the final stage of training. Others believe that propionate makes muscles harder, when his reception there is less water and fat retention. This is complete nonsense. Ether comes Cutbol earlier, and testosterone remains active in the body, the ether can not change the effect of the steroid, and only slows down its emissions. We can say that testosterone propionate is popular among women (I mean those who use testosterone), as when taking propionate is easier to control the blood level that distinguishes it from other ethers. Should virilization symptoms, no need to wait several weeks to decreased testosterone concentrations, as is the case with enanthate, for example.

While testosterone cycle operates in the same way as in the other cases. Users sensitive to gynecomastia may add an anti-estrogen. The combination of Nolvadex and Proviron to effectively suspend the appearance of gynecomastia. At the use of testosterone can not be avoided and androgenic side effects like oily skin, acne, aggression, hair growth on the face and body. Propionate a negative impact on those who are predisposed to baldness. Therefore, you can add Propecia / Proscar, which Cutbol will reduce the buildup of DHT in many androgen target tissues. This will help to minimize the side effects (particularly hair loss) although these drugs do not provide complete assurance. As is the case with other drugs of testosterone propionate suppress endogenous testosterone. It is necessary to take the medicine, stimulating the production of testosterone, such as HCG and / or Clomid, to avoid later-cycle crash.

The usual dosage for men – 50-100 mg a day or two. Weekly dose is 200-400 mg, as well as when receiving other esters. Like all testosterone formulations used in the build-up phase. It is often combined with other strong agents such as Dianabol, Anadrol 50 or Deca-Durabolin®. Propionate however is sometimes used together with the non-aromatizing anabolics / androgens during the diet and in the final stages of training, while its androgenic properties and fast action can be very useful. A moderate dosage of propionate with an oral anabolic like Winstrol (15-35 mg daily), Primobolan (50-150mg daily) or oxandrolone (15-30 mg daily). Since the percentage of body Cutbol fat at the same time remains low, increasing muscle density (does not accumulate excess estrogen). Then you can add a non-aromatizing androgen like trenbolone or Halotestin, which affect body fat and muscle hardness. However, with the increase in androgen and intensify side-effects.

Women who have to use testosterone, may use this drug only. Do you need an injection every 5-7 days.The dosage should be less than about 25-50 mg per injection. With this schedule of administration androgenic effect is less pronounced, blood levels fall, before the drug will be introduced again. To avoid the risk, the cycle time must not exceed 8 weeks. If you need a more powerful anabolic effect, you can add a small amount Durabolin® (Deca-Durabolin®), Oxandrolone or Cutbol Winstrol. Of course, even with the addition of mild anabolic steroids increase the risk of virilization symptoms. Since many of the masculinizing symptoms that occurs due to steroid use can be irreversible, for women it is important to closely monitor the dosage, duration and incidence of side effects.

On the black market propionate is a rare product. Although individual ampules are commonly cheap in the pharmacies of many countries, here it’s different. If you buy the right amount of ampoules for the entire cycle, the price will be considerable. This applies in particular to the individual vials, the price of which is high, despite the fact that they contain only 50 mg of steroid. Better to buy drugs such as testosterone firms Brovel (Mexico), Testopro (Loeffler) or Testogan by Laginsa (Yuzhn. America), containing a large dose, as the price will be much lower. Preparations Cutbol company Brovel and Loeffler, containing 100 mg and 250 mg is also profitable, so again there is interest in this drug. However, athletes usually prefer long-acting preparations of testosterone, enanthate and cypionate. Although demand for this steroid is low, it can be used.

Recently the Mexican veterinary firm released the most powerful drug propionate has ever produced. He called Testopro N / A provides unprecedented concentration of 250 mg / ml in a bottle volume of 10 ml.Even compared with preparations enanthate and cypionate a concentration of 250 mg / ml, this concentration propionate striking. Testosterone propionate is less soluble in oil than enanthate and cypionate therefore difficult to achieve high concentrations. Before the advent of drug Testopro highest concentration was 100 mg / ml. High concentration of 250 mg / ml was achieved not only by increasing the steroid in the 1 ml of oil, but due to a significant increase in the alcohol content in the solution. Therefore, this solution Cutbol is poorly tolerated. Although this is the highest concentration of those who used it, I noticed that the pain is simply intolerable. Most other steroids diluted solution with a lower concentration, if they want to continue the cycle. This is not surprising, since we all know about the poor tolerability of this steroid.


Counterfeits of testosterone propionate is small compared with enanthate and cypionate. It is not in great demand, so it avoid scammers. That is why you can trust the majority of ampoules. Do not buy bottles containing a large dose, except bottles of Mexican firms Loeffler and Brovel and Testosgana (Dominican Republic). With these preparations, you can be calm. If Brovel drug company, be sure to check for the hologram. several imitations of American and European origin Cutbol were found, containing a large dose, so avoid such products. There are fake US drug firm Steris. A box of green color with golden letters (see. Photos of counterfeit products). Since Steris recently ceased production of anabolic steroids, can no longer find any of this drug or any other American products with this substance. Avoid them if you can find on the black market, they are fake. Usually there is swelling and pain for several days after injection, since the drug irritant. If it does not, then, a fake product.