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FINEXALFINEXAL – strong androgen which does not have estrogenic activity. The first preparation containing this steroid, which attracted the attention of American bodybuilders, was Finajet, veterinary drug manufactured in the 80s in the US and Europe (as Finajet) drug firms Hoechst and Roussel. This product contains 30 mg / ml fast acting acetate ester of trenbolone, which is produced in large vials of 50 ml. In a short time Finajet showed himself, and became popular androgen for the final stage. The strong androgenic properties and the absence of estrogenic characteristics make it ideal for imparting hardness, relief and muscle strength without causing fluid retention, so Finajet became popular among competing bodybuilders. However, by 1988. firm Hoechst withdrew its drug from the market, and soon there was a European version and US source for trenbolone quickly dried up. For some time he disappeared from the market, and gained cult status, gained fame scarce super-steroid. A little later, however, trenbolone acetate, reappeared in the United States, first in the form of pellets for cattle implantantnyh called Finaplix a, and later in the form of injectable trenbolone 75, which was imported from Mexico. By force of habit, these drugs are in great demand in the US market.

Structurally trenbolone – a 19-nor steroid derived from the anabolic nandrolone. However, his two replacements (double bonds c9 and c11) distinguish it from nandrolone. Firstly, removed estrogenic properties. This is FINEXAL the result of a double bond s9-10, which takes the connection needed to flavor the ring A. This connection is not metabolically removed, that is the only way in which the possible estrogen conversion. Although nandrolone is not considered to be estrogenic steroid it is still a small extent possible conversion to estradiol. That trenbolone not converted to estradiol, and constitutes a fundamental difference between the two steroids.

Lack of estrogenic properties make trenbolone popular among athletes who want to lose fat and to avoid fluid retention. “Tren” gives us the high androgen content needed to make the hardness and muscle definition. Giving the hardness is not the only advantage of this steroid, because he also is anabolic.Muscle-building properties of this steroid often compared with the effect of such powerful drugs such as testosterone or Dianabol, which in this sense are very similar, but they cause fluid retention. Lack of estrogenic characteristics affect the growth of muscle FINEXAL mass. Many people use this drug in the final stage.An interesting fact is that the friction is often recommended as an additional tool for building muscle. If you use it on their own, it is not a strong substance. If it is taken without another estrogenic steroid, results are positive, there is a tissue growth that is accompanied by increased hardness and fat loss. Although, maybe he is not as strong as most of the estrogenic steroids to build up, which only increase the weight, I think we can safely say that trenbolone increases better than nandrolone, and is the best of all anabolic steroids neestrogennyh.

The androgenic effect of this drug is much stronger than that of nandrolone, for two reasons. Firstly, trenbolone 5 alpha undergoes reduction in humans. Therefore, its anabolic / androgenic dissociation is not as strong as that of nandrolone. It retains the same force when entering cells of various androgen tissues, as well as at the entry into the muscle tissue, its strength is not weakened. This makes FINEXALtrenbolone far better androgen. Further, the induction of the double bond s9i C11 enhances the binding of the androgen receptor. This is another reason that amplifies the action of trenbolone. Therefore, with this steroid are possible side effects – oily skin, acne, hair growth on the face and body, baldness. With all the main structural similarity between the two steroids, trenbolone should not be confused with nandrolone in terms of side effects. Just Tren is more androgenic.

Trenbolone is also rapidly suppress natural testosterone production, so that estrogen is not the only culprit in this sense. Therefore it is necessary to use the medicine, stimulating the production of testosterone, such as Clomid / Nolvadex and / or HCG, to avoid a hormonal crash after the drug is discontinued. Perhaps it has to do with its progestational action. Although the literature on steroids writing that he does not possess progestational, research suggests that trenbolone svyazvyaetsya with this receptor. Since we know that all sex steroids cause a negativeFINEXALfeedback inhibition of testosterone production, including progestins, this mechanism can not be excluded. We also FINEXAL know that the estrogen effect is enhanced due to the increased level of progestin, as this hormone can cause side effects that did not show up for a given amount of estrogen in the body. Although when taking trenbolone and not observed estrogenic side effects with this drug requires some careful (especially when using this steroid with other estrogenic steroids).Logically, it turns out that when the estrogen level is not resolved, then a slight gestagenic action trenbolone does not cause side effects, and reduce the side effects from taking other estrogenic steroids.Of course, at this stage it is impossible to prove this theory.

Trenbolone – movable steroid that works well on the stage and build the final stage. He mixes well with almost any type of steroid. To give even greater hardness can add a mild anabolic like Winstrol or Primobolan. Without causing excess fluid FINEXAL under the skin, androgenic / anabolic mix will give firmness and muscle definition. To build more muscle mass often combine this drug with Deca-Durabolin® or Equipoise®. In this case the friction will increase the hardness of the new muscle mass. Just to increase the mass of well-combined trenbolone with testosterone, Anadrol 50 or Dianabol. As a result, accumulates (rather solid) muscle mass. In some rural areas, where it is difficult to get anabolic steroids, commonly used combination Finapleksa (talking about which will be discussed below) and Sinaveksa (testosterone propionate / estradiol benzoate). Although small amount of estrogen in Sinovekse causes a slight swelling, testosterone propionate has a positive effect. Both of these drugs are very cheap, they can easily get it legally, as implants for cattle excluded from the list of substances, which are controlled by the state.