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TESTOVIRONTestoviron – a mixed propionate and enanthate injection, manufactured by Schering worldwide. Since Schering Testoviron uses the trademark for pure testosterone enanthate, one should not confuse these drugs. In fact, most of the emerging products under this name are enanthate, and they are the most popular athletes. Testoviron mixture produced in various forms with different concentrations. The basis of testosterone enanthate, and added fewer propionate. Being faster acting, propionate provides a rapid effect, while the enanthate acts slowly. As a result, the injection of testosterone level rapidly increases, and this level is maintained for 2-3 weeks. This resembles the steroid testosterone blend Sustanon, Testoviron though retains its activity in the body for a short time.

This steroid is not unusual, since in its effect it is similar to other blended testosterone preparations, such as walls or Sustanon. As is the case with other drugs, when taken, we can expect a rapid increase in muscle mass and strength during a cycle. It will be accompanied by fluid retention, as testosterone is easily converted into estrogen. As a result, possible loss relief, as subcutaneous water and fat impair muscle shape. For this reason, Testoviron is not ideal for the final stages. Excess estrogen can cause the development of gynecomastia. To avoid this, it is possible to add an anti-estrogen such as Nolvadex and / or during Proviron® cycle. testosterone drugs inhibit the production of endogenous testosterone, so to avoid a hormonal crash at the end of the cycle, is also needed HCG and / or Clomid / Nolvadex. The combination of both drugs will be very effective.

Testoviron in many parts of the body also converts to another strong steroid DHT (dihydrotestosterone), the process and provides the action of the hormone androgen. Therefore Testoviron causes a number of unwanted androgenic side effects: oily skin, acne, hair growth on the face and body and hair loss. For this reason, those who suffer from hair loss, or is predisposed to it, you need to avoid receiving testosterone preparations. Strong androgens worsen the situation, but this side effect has irreversible consequences. Or you can take a daily Proscar / Propecia, which will reduce the buildup of DHT and lighten the androgenic action of the drug. However, we must remember that while Proscar and helps, it is not completely exclude the possibility of the appearance of this side effect. Therefore it is better to use Deca-Durabolin®.

Testoviron – is an acceptable alternative to the typical testosterone preparations. Such ampoules are relatively rare on the black market. Here in the US with more and more ampoules Testoprima-D. This is not a fake, as many think, a legitimate product of the Mexican pharmaceutical company. Fakes of the drug was not there, so long as it is safe to fly. In Mexico 1 svetoottalkivayuschaya vial is packed in a white-and-red box, which is written with black paint. Inscription available directly on the glass vials, the letters white and gray, and they can not be erased, if you rub your finger well. In the US, these boxes are sold separately ampoules (vials easier to transport). Sometimes there is a Mexican Aratest, the only product that contains multiple doses per vial. Not very reliable sources reported a hundred this drug had a lower concentration of the substance, so be careful. Only a fake, which is to say – a drug testosterone propionate / andekanoat company Octagon, avoid it.