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InsulinInsulin many call the “anabolic №1», while others, which include yours truly, do not recognize the presence of this hormone have anabolic properties. That, of course, does not mean not using insulin in this noble cause, as the build-up of muscle mass. Moreover, during the time that has passed since publication on the pages of our magazine first article on insulin (see “Insulin: a bodybuilder is irreplaceable.” “Iron World” No 2-3, 2003), tested its new patterns of use, preparing to appear on our market new insulin – rapid-acting and “mixes”. But before talking about the new, let us in this important matter, as the repetition


In the aforementioned article, devoted to insulin, I have recommended to start taking insulin four, or even better – eight ME. Lately, however, I ‘po¬schastlivilos “acquainted with the case of severe hypoglycemia, and emerged as a result of a lower dose – 3 ME, so now I am guided by the principle of” slow and steady wins – will last longer “, I recommend starting with an injection of” modest ” 2 ME.Next dose should increase daily, small steps at 1-4 ME, until one of two things: you will reach the mark of 20, ME, or feel a very strong hypoglycemia after administration of a lower dose. The use of a higher dose is hardly justified, ME and 20 can be considered more secure enough level.

Most people have serious problems begin with the dosages of the order of 35-45 ME, but, again, not so rare cases hypoglycemic coma, and after the introduction of 22-25 ME, especially if the injection was performed during or immediately after exercise. Therefore, try not to rise above 20 ME of insulin in one injection, if any, carried out before, during or immediately after exercise, it is better that it did not exceed the amount of 15-16 ME. All this relates to insulin and short-acting. With intermediate-acting insulin and a “mix” all a bit different, but this is slightly lower.

Now, remember once and for all to use insulin labeled “L» (L) and “I» (U), people who are not suffering from diabetes (besides, as a rule, such as I – insulin-dependent), is strictly prohibited! Arising in the event of their application hypoglycemia can be controlled with great difficulty, and sometimes – and not be controlled, especially since her peak may fall on sleep time.

The most acceptable in sports practice is the use of insulin short (usually a “Humulin R” production company “Eli Lilly”) or sports nutrition ultrashort ( “Humalog” from the same manufacturer or “Novorapid” company “Novo Nordisk”) actions. People experienced can recommend the use of intermediate-acting insulin, usually in combination with a “short” or “ultra” insulin or “mixes”. On peculiarities of application of “ultrashort” insulins and “mixes”, see the relevant chapter.

Insulin syringes and the number of units per milliliter

Look at these photos: Before your insulin syringes, insulin injections can be done only with their help.One division of the syringe corresponds to one ME insulin.

Pay attention to the marking – various syringes are available for products containing 40 ME in one milliliter and 100 ME in one milliliter. Recent hardly get to our market, but “almost” does not mean -. “Absolutely” A man accustomed to traditional insulin concentration, which fell into the hands of the drug at a concentration of 100 ME in one milliliter of insulin can easily exceed the dosage of 2.5 times, which is likely to lead to nepopra¬vimym consequences! Pay attention to the concentration of insulin in the solution and use only the corresponding syringes!


I have already said that it is not impossible to learn hypoglycemia. However, for someone who is getting ready for the first use of insulin, I try to describe her symptoms. Here they are:

  • sudden sweating
  • a keen sense of hunger
  • difficulties with coordination and orientation in space
  • blurred vision (circles before my eyes)
  • speech disorders
  • limb tremor
  • changes in heart rate – the heart starts to beat faster
  • drowsiness
  • increase in feelings of insecurity, panic
  • mood changes – euphoria or irritability rise
  • changing behavior – behavior gets you previously uncharacteristic traits

The trouble is that when a significant excess of the permissible dose of insulin the symptoms are growing very rapidly, and people often do not have time to understand anything.

The result – a complete disorientation, loss of consciousness or involuntary falling asleep, and – possibly fatal. Therefore, it is desirable that within 2 to 4 hours from the time of the insulin injection, especially if it is done for the first time, you would have been close to someone who will not let you sleep, sweet feed (feed it – at the time of hypoglycemia is often the person does not It understands what to do), and in particularly serious cases, will be able to make an intravenous injection of glucose or adrenaline and call a doctor.

So after all – anabolic or not?

The answer to this question depends on the answer to the following “vitally important” question: “Can I use insulin alone, without the support of androgens and anabolic steroids or growth hormone,” Well, try to figure out whether insulin can shift the balance between anabolic and catabolic processes in the body in favor of the former.

Insulin definitely enhances protein synthesis by the liver. But the liver – this is not the muscles, as regards the latter, there is our “defendant” has an impact on the protein synthesis process in the direction of its increase only when used in high doses, a tenth of which would be enough to send a few people in an endless journey through the best of worlds. Anabolic properties in insulin occur in this case due to the fact that the hormone begins to interact with the receptors of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1), which under normal dosages occurs, Insulin, of course, increases the permeability of the membranes of the muscle fibers not only to glucose, but also to amino acids. Thus, the “building material” cell receives more. So what? Imagine a mason who is able to put a maximum per day, for example, 1000 bricks. If he bring them dvetysyachi, then put it will still be only one, and one and will lie and wait in the wings. Another thing, if at the same time with an extra thousand bricks delivered to the construction site and another mason – then it will go twice as fast. Insulin is able to deliver in a cage more “bricks”. But the need is another “builder.” It was his role and perform androgens and anabolic steroids. So, the use of insulin without androgen meaningless? And here and there! First, insulin promotes the rapid recovery of glycogen by the liver and muscle cells, which means faster recovery after training loads. Secondly, we’ve forgotten about the catabolic processes in the body. So, insulin – a powerful anti-catabolic. That is, it can shift the balance between anabolic and catabolic processes in the body, but not by increasing first, and by reducing the flow rate of the latter. And hence, the use of insulin alone can be justified.

Insulin resistance and the factors that cause it.

Resistance – is deadbands receptors to insulin. Insulin resistance leads to increased insulin secretion, hyperinsulinemia, in turn, reduces the number of receptors on the surface of target cells, which leads to further insulin resistance. The process becomes avalanche. It is a constant elevated levels of insulin in the blood results in permanent and excessive consumption of fats and carbohydrates. Additional insulin over a prolonged period of time may, as excessive consumption of fat and carbohydrates, lead to irreversible decrease in the number of insulin receptors on the cell surface, and means – and to a steady decline in the ability of cells to utilize glucose, i.e. diabetes type 2. In theory, everything seems to be so. In the real world is unlikely to find at least one person who for the sake of athletic achievement stabbed himself insulin without interruption for years. A period of less than two to three years, is unlikely to lead to any shift in the direction of the disease. There is, however, a risk group, it includes people who have a hereditary tendency to develop diabetes. These people should not experiment with insulin at all.

Here are the main external factors that cause insulin resistance:

  • puberty
  • elderly age
  • pregnancy
  • obesity
  • infectious diseases
  • stress
  • prolonged fasting
  • abnormal liver normal functioning (cirrhosis)
  • ketoacidosis
  • endocrine diseases including associated with impaired functioning of the thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, hyperparathyroidism)

The practical conclusion from the above is as follows:

Use of insulin in the preparation is only possible if there is no resistance to this hormone. It is undesirable to use insulin young (well, how can we not recall once again the distinguished “Doctor Maniac” is just such a use is recommended!) And older athletes, athletes with impaired liver function, and thyroid. Before you begin to use insulin, you need to get rid of the slightest excess fat – or use of the drug will, in general, it is the path of accumulation of fatty deposits.

New insulin

Perhaps we should not talk about new preparations of insulin in our market, and new drugs in sports practice. Some features in comparison with the already familiar short-acting insulin, insulin has a rapid-acting, presented in our market is that only one drug – a “Novorapid” Company “Novo Nor disk.” It is not discharged with traditional vials and cartridges for use in the pen. Since the syringe-pen – an expensive pleasure enough to apply for a fence from the cartridge can be a conventional insulin syringe in the cartridge is no different from the vial. Increasing the concentration of insulin in blood in the case of ultra-short acting drug occurs more rapidly than in the case of insulin with the letter “P” peak somewhat steeper even when applying the same dose. Hypoglycemia is more stable and unable to get out of it with great difficulty. Therefore, in the case of “ultrashort” insulin can be encouraged to use 70-80% of your regular dose of “short” of insulin. As for the “mix”, they do not have yet in our market, although in the near future, and their appearance is expected. But out of the situation is possible by simultaneous injection of 8-10 ME «ultra» insu¬lina or 10-12 ME «short» (note – or, not together) with 20-30 ME intermediate-acting insulin. In this case, the first peak is reached fairly rapidly – within an hour and a half, an increased insulin level in blood is kept for 10-14 hours at a second, much weaker peak in the range of 4-5 hours after injection. Use of insulin under the scheme is strongly recommended that only in the morning. To apply this scheme in training days can afford only experienced athletes. By experience, I am not referring to the experience of training and experience of the use of insulin.