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OxymetholoneOxymetholone. It is called the most powerful oral steroids, his power of legends. He suddenly able to turn an ordinary visitor muscles gym in envy of his colleagues in training.

He – just a monster. It should not take more than three or four weeks in a row, it can kill you, turn inside out your liver, are doomed to slow but inevitable dying. Yes, and muscles are built with his help – just water. It will disappear without a trace as soon as you stop taking it.

We are talking about the same anabolic steroids. Name it – oxymetholone; bodybuilders, he is better known under the names “Anadrol”, “Anadrol” or “androlik.” Oxymetholone was established in 1960 in Mexico, but was first produced in large quantities in the same year the American company Syntex under the trademark ” Anadrol-50 .” The original purpose of this steroid – assistance in overcoming anemia not treatable by other means. However, for this purpose means better soon were found and oxymetholone migrated to the arsenal of “fighters for the construction of the perfect body” and other athletes, law enforcers. However, non-medical use of this drug for long languished. It is used now in an aggressive therapy to help overcome the loss of muscle mass in patients with human immunodeficiency syndrome. But first things first.

Take a look at the structure of the molecule oxymetholone, it is somewhat reminiscent of the structure of a molecule of stanozolol. And there are major changes were made in the ring. And, it was done to prevent steroid flavoring. The goal was reached – oxymetholone was not exposed to the action of aromatase-nym.

Unfortunately, all is not well – it turned out that oxymetholone exhibits a very significant progestogenic activity. Whether this is due to the peculiarities of its structure, whether he has the ability to turn into the female sex hormone progesterone, but the fact remains that the use of this steroid is accompanied by all the “charms” flavoring process.

And by the way, the situation is even slightly worse than in the case of flavoring preparation – antiestrogens here do not help. However, the videos of steroids effect can be much lower, if at the same time taking oxymetholone stanozolol – this steroid is, as you already know, the progesterone antagonist.

Oxymetholone is not converted to DHT, however, it shows high activity in the skin of the head. The consequence of this activity, usually is hair loss. Originally intended oxymetholone – anemia – enable it to significantly increase the number of red blood cells – red blood cells. Because of this increased blood circulation in the muscle while taking the drug, the athlete feels tremendous effect, “pumping”. As for the androgen receptor, oxymetholone here are generally very low, it almost has the ability to train these receptors stabilize.

The most original feature of oxymetholone are his medical dosage: athletes, even the most inveterate “hardcore,” take it in amounts below the recommended! Take a look at the instructions for use of the drug: “Take a rate of 1-5 mg per 1 kg of weight.” In practice this means that the average stokilogrammovye “jock” should throw a two to ten tablets of 1 steroid daily! Well, two – this is normal.But ten! Even the professional level athletes do not consume more than three or four.

And the half-life period of the drug, ie the time after which only half of the active agent remains in the blood plasma. For this period of oxymetholone is not exactly known, it is estimated it is between 7 to 15 hours. So the drug is better to divide into two equal doses and take in the morning and in the evening, before bedtime.

Contrary to popular belief that oxymetholone is perhaps the most “powerful” steroid effect of its use is comparable to the effect of the use of methandrostenolone – both steroid approximately equal performance, both have a very poor ability to stabilize the androgen receptors, but a pronounced non-genomic activity . A case where an athlete, apply 2 tablets oxymetholone per day for four months, and “sitting” solely on this drug, increased its weight from 84 to 92 kg. After the abolition of the steroid he lost 3.5 kg gain mass – left water clusters which when used oxymetholone alone is unlikely anyone will be avoided, and 4.5 kg with them remains forever. You will agree, however, that four and a half kilos of four full months of training – it’s not so much.

But if it is used as sole oxymetholone steroid cycle. In combination with other drugs in the same testosterone, the force of its impact is greatly increased. A typical daily dose of oxymetholone applicable foreign professional athletes leaves 50-200 mg, ie 1 -4 tablets. By the way, in conjunction with the “soft” steroids such as Primobolan, oxymetholone is very modest, does not remember making any whatsoever side effects from its use.

Since I touched the side effects, talk about the myth №2, who calls oxymetholone perhaps the most dangerous of all currently existing anabolic steroids. How and understand its birth, this myth is obliged to only one occasion in the history of bodybuilding. Then the athlete appealed to the clinic complaining of pain in the right upper quadrant, the doctors examined him and diagnosed gepatokletochneya carcinoma, in other words – liver cancer. As it turned out, this desperate man took two tablets oxymetholone per day without any break for 5 (!) Years. Perhaps, therefore, he would be nominated for the Charles Darwin Award, awarded for the most stupid death, however, he failed – the tumor was benign and was removed successfully. Failed nominee stayed on. From the pathological cases of oxymetholone should be made that, when the athlete for two months took on 14 (! – An absolute record) tablets of the drug daily. Fortunately, nothing bad is not turned to him, but I would not recommend anyone to repeat his experience.

As for the practice, oxymetholone, as I mentioned above, successfully avoids the loss of muscle mass of HIV-infected patients, including AIDS. A survey of patients receiving 100-150 mg of oxymetholone daily without interruption for 30 weeks did not record whether they have any kind of side effects was even virilization phenomena (among the patients were women). No it recorded and disorders of the liver. So that in itself oxymetholone is attributed to the still “soft” steroids 3 .

It is believed that oxymetholone – a “steroid bad mood”, in contrast to methandrostenolone, which is just the opposite – “steroid good mood.” In fact, the use of oxymetholone can cause a feeling of fatigue and drowsiness, but they are not pronounced at all, and even then only if the steroid is used alone.

It would seem, in precompetitive preparation oxymetholone, because of its dubious “experiments” with water, there is no place. Not everyone, however, that simple.

I know of cases where the final stage of preparation of athletes for competitions took place exclusively on oxymetholone and stanozolol.

The latter, in this case, just and helps to avoid unnecessary accumulation of water. By itself oxymetholone (1-2 tablets) is often taken on the day of the show – it helps the athlete to improve vascularity and overly dehydrated and flat muscles quickly find the “fullness”.

And at the end of the review on what the preparations containing oxymetholone, can be found on our market. Previously excelled here products of Turkish and Korean manufacturers, but now the situation has changed. In the first place in sales came “Androlik-50” produced by Thai British Dragon. From competitors it profitable price is different, and the quality of this product is very, very high. Hexagonal tablets “Androlika-50” contains as its name suggests, the conventional 50 mg of active ingredient, have a bluish color, and are packed in bags of foil. Each pack contains 20 tablets.

The drug “Anadrol” produced by Turkish Abdi Ibrahim, in contrast to the “Androlika” traditionally packed – in blisters, placed in a cardboard box. “Anadrol” traditional tablets have a round shape and a white color and contain not less traditional 50 mg of active substance. Worship tradition, apparently, Turkish Pharmacists in blood.

Korean manufacturers (company Hang Seo), without further ado, called their product clearly – “Oxymetholone.” In this drug in our market right now it does not occur very often – the matter is that it is too inflated price. Tablets containing all the same 50 mg of active substance are packed into small plastic jars. Each jar, despite its small size, contains 100 tablets “oxymetholone.”

On the market there, and another product called “Androlik-50” brand. It produces its Thai company also British Dispensary. The tablets of the same shape as the British Dragon’s products are slightly different – a greenish color and packed in small plastic jars. Each jar seabzhaetsya hologram – is, according to the manufacturer, should predohranitproduktsiyu against counterfeiting. About as “dispensernogo” “Androlika”, alas, I can not say anything. Neither good nor bad.

But I can say about another, recently published product. After the collapse of the British Dragon Pharmaceuticals into two companies earlier output continued that of them, which is simply called British Dragon. The same that has kept the original title, with his head went into the design and output, the concentration of the active substance which exceed all conceivable limits and is characterized, above all, for the veterinary pharmaceutical industry. As for the oxymetholone, the result of research on light there was a product called “Oksidrol”, which each tablet contains 100 mg of active …. If the investigation will go on like this, you never know, appear on the market and the tablet monsters with the content of the active substance in 250, or even 500 mg. 1 We mean tablets containing, as is customary for oxymetholone, 50 mg of active substance 3 , however, when combined with strong androgen oxymetholone risk of side effects is increased significantly.