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Protein – an essential protein for the human body. It consists of all the organs and other parts. It accelerates tissue regeneration, reduces the level of triglycerides, reduces the amount of bad cholesterol, strengthens the immune defense, gives more endurance during training and even appointed some doctors to treat patients.

Today about protein known. Provided with comprehensive information on how to receive it, metering and mixing with other drugs.

However, a few decades ago, many people did not think about how to make protein. Knew also that for the reception of a protein is a certain time when it is absorbed most rapidly, and there are times when it is considerably slower uptake.

How to take protein? Dosage

Physiologists have long held all of their research and found out that for effective muscle mass a person must consume at least one and a half grams of protein per day from the account for 1 kilogram of body weight. And best of 2-2.5 grams. This means that for each person the dosage will vary. A person who weighs 80 kg should not consume the amount of protein, which consumes man, whose weight at around 120 pounds. Get the right information about this topic, you can always read the directions on the package. They always have information about dosage and any necessary recommendations.

How to drink protein: the optimal time and type of protein

There is a slow, complex and fast protein. Another commercially available protein bars. In turn, are the ways and time of each of the types of proteins.
Fast protein (isolate)
a quick protein called protein that is quickly absorbed by the human body.

Fast protein ideal for increasing muscle mass, to be precise, to accelerate the replenishment of the amino acid in the muscles.

It is absorbed in a few minutes, resulting in the recovery process is as painless as possible and quickly.


Reception fast protein

Protein can be drunk several times a day. Most often they do in between meals. Suffice it to 2-3 doses of 30-60 grams.
Before training
athletes for gaining lean muscle, it makes sense to drink a protein shake is also 1 hour before your workout. Directly before training bodybuilders recommend taking 6-8 grams BTSAA amino acids to enhance the effect.
After training
Fast Protein is necessary to drink and immediately after exercise. At this time the body needs carbohydrates, proteins, and other components. Isolate helps effectively alleviate the work of the stomach.
isolate actively take in the morning. Do it better immediately after waking.


How to cook a quick protein?

When you are buying a protein, complete with a can always “go” measuring cup, as a rule, 30 grams. Dilute the protein can be water or milk. 1 cup diluted to 180-200 milliliters fluid. If you do not put the milk protein – discard the milk. Complex and slow protein prepared similarly.

Complex Protein
Complex proteins – a mixture of various protein types. This is the most best type of protein in terms of digestibility and effects on the body. In the same complex you get casein protein, whey, egg and soy, and, consequently, all their best performance.

Whey protein is prepared from the serum. It has a high rate of biological activity. Take better immediately after training. Its advantage over the other – low cost. Learn more about this type of protein will tell below.

Soy protein is not always processed quickly in the body, especially when not cleaned up until the end. But this protein is demanded today. One of the advantages – reduction of harmful cholesterol in the blood.

Casein protein – milk protein with high biological value. Very slow to digest, so it is best to take before bedtime. Poorly soluble in water, it has an unpleasant taste. Learn more about this type of protein will tell below.

Egg protein is degraded in the body for a long time – 4-6 hours. It is expensive, but has a high biological value.


Complex protein with muscle set is better to accept for 2 hours before the workout, in between meals and at bedtime. After a workout is better to drink a portion of a quick protein. When losing weight does not change the procedure for admission.

Slow Protein
Slow considered a protein, which has long been absorbed by the body for six to eight hours. Slow proteins are actively used by people who want to have a relief figure and reduce excess weight.

When you set a slow muscle protein must be taken before going to bed. During the night the muscles receive the necessary amino acids serving. Protein can be consumed between meals.

When losing weight protein slow reception performed by the same scheme. If desired, it is possible to replace one or two meals.

How to take whey protein?

Whey protein is divided into three types:

  • hydrolyzate
  • Concentrate
  • isolate

Whey protein hydrolyzate – a mixture of components, resulting from the collapse of the isolate.


Concentrate – a form of protein, is very common among drug because it costs a little, but it is effective. The structure except for protein include minerals, carbohydrates and saturated fats.

Isolate . If you compare it with the concentrate, this form has high purity. The proportion of impurities does not exceed ten percent.

Acceptance of whey protein

Hydrolyzate, isolate and concentrate are taken in different ways, depending on the needs. Thus, hydrolysed whey protein is required in case you need to quickly fill the lack of amino acids, as it begins to quickly assimilated. Its more likely to take at the end of training, as well as before it started. Digestive problems after receiving the hydrolyzate of whey protein does not occur.

Duration assimilation isolate more – about 30-40 minutes, so it is best to consume 30-40 minutes before beginning your workout.


protein concentrate may be taken after the training process, as well as during it. You can drink in the morning, immediately after waking up and before going to bed.


How to take casein protein?

Casein is broken down in several times longer than whey protein. It is often used by people who want to remove extra weight and bodybuilders who want to quickly build the necessary muscle mass, muscle ensure the necessary amino acids to prevent their destruction.

Casein at burning fat actively used because it is a long time gives a feeling of saturation, blocking hunger. It consists of very little fat and no carbohydrates. Casein blocking destructive processes in tissues.

When pumping casein is also indispensable muscles, he is actively supplying the muscle fibers essential amino acids for several hours, it is important at a time when the training session ends. Muscle after training process are beginning to use amino acids from the body to recover.


When taking casein protein?

If your goal – to increase muscle mass, casein should be taken between meals, especially when there is no possibility to eat for several hours. At this time, a portion of the food can be replaced by a portion of the casein.

Casein can be taken at bedtime. At night runs the muscle growth process. After training and before it starts to take casein protein does not make sense. At this time, the body requires proteins that are quickly digested and carbohydrates. For these purposes, the best fit whey protein. It turns out that the recruitment of muscle casein protein sufficiently to take before bedtime in the amount of 40 grams per serving.

If your task – to get rid of the extra kilos, casein is suitable in this case: it quenches hunger and at the same time will not allow the destruction of muscle. Casein is necessary to drink two to four times a day. One serving – 25-35 grams. This can be done as before going to bed and in between meals.

How many protein drinks per day?

Protein dosage for each person individually. So we know that in the day you need to eat 1.5-2 grams per 1 kilogram of body weight. But by the standards of manufacturers of the median – is 30-60 grams of protein per 0.2-0.3 liters of water or milk. Or 1-2 scoops to 250-300 ml.

What foods contain protein?


Most protein foods of animal origin contain. The meat, including fish, cheese, eggs, and other dairy products.


Quite a lot of protein in cereals, no wonder parents since childhood has forced many cereals. Rice, buckwheat, oats, wheat, oatmeal will give you the necessary dose of protein.

A rich source of protein – nuts. It cashews, almonds and pine nuts. Some people have intolerance to certain Tir nuts. In general, almonds, hazelnuts and cashews – very useful fruit. They are very useful for the human body.

Legumes – another source of protein. These include peas, beans, lentils.

But to make up the protein by means of fruits and vegetables, enough to eat cucumbers, zucchini, cabbage, avocados, figs.

Protein is necessary for all, however, taking it just is not worth it. In the body of the protein is sufficient for its normal functioning. Protein is only needed if you want to build muscle, lose weight or protein deficiency. Drink a protein only when needed and do not replace them with food.