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Athletes seeking to muscle gain, like to add to your diet a variety of protein (protein) cocktails. Active loads increase the need for protein. Proteins favor the restoration and strengthening of muscle fibers, which can be damaged during training and competition.

Dietary proteins are not only serve as raw material for muscle, but are potent stimulators of the synthesis of proteins present in muscles (anabolism). When proteins with food ingested, the digestive system breaks them down into amino acids and then acquires them in this form.

It is recommended for endurance athletes receive 1.2-1.4 grams of protein per 1 kg of body weight per day, and for the strength 1.4-1.8 grams per day. These volumes are difficult to recruit from food alone.

Protein powders coated daily allowance and promote the recruitment and maintenance of muscle mass of the athlete. These cocktails contain a source of protein for the additive to the daily diet.

Additives are in the form of a drink, the bar, powder. Consider cocktails.

Are protein shakes help for muscle growth

Protein shakes are shown at very high protein requirements (exercises for strength and speed). Reasons for sportsmen protein requirement is higher than that of inactive people:

  • Experiments have shown that increased consumption of protein in sports;
  • the proportion of muscular energy is generated due to the amino acids;
  • intensive training can cause the release of hormones that deplete the muscle fibers, and is formed in parallel with the degradation of the hearth with inflammation, which also damages the muscle;
  • athletes grow more impressive muscle mass than normal people, this leads to an exacerbation of their protein requirements.
  • at high loads increases the loss of amino acids, derivable from the body with body fluids.

A protein shake can be a kind of sports nutrition, it can be prepared and independently. Simply prepare a cocktail of protein powder, simply diluting it with water, juice, milk.

To prepare homemade cocktail, you need to take is about the range of products: milk, cottage cheese, oatmeal, raw eggs, bananas, mixing them in a blender. To make the taste qualities taken to choose honey, fruits, cocoa, berries, nuts. There you can add protein powder.

Shops substance for muscle growth – is concentrated powders from food raw materials (eggs, milk, meat, soybeans). Most mixture consists of 60-80% of the protein, but there are high-protein mixture. Whey protein – the highest quality.

Protein shake – is a powerful tool, and you need to use it with caution. Some manufacturers of fake powders for drinks, so do not buy them from under the counter. This will run the risk of powerful drugs (amphetamines, anabolic steroids), addictive.

To select a quality product, you must:

  • not trust supplements that promise incredible results;
  • skeptical of advertising, often the information in it is not well understood, or is not supported by scientific evidence, in particular brighter rollers such as “pre-post”;
  • ask for proof of manufacturer, confirming the product information;
  • make sure all evidence of impartiality (research conducted in the laboratory, are published in a respectable scientific journal, sponsored not only at the expense of the manufacturer).

How to drink protein shakes for weight gain

Protein cocktails use or kit for muscle mass, or for retaining lean body mass during weight loss. Drink a protein shake is recommended for an hour before and no more than a day after classes. It helps to reduce weight, saving muscle. Protein shake contributes to weight loss only in combination with the load and a healthy diet. Coaches confirm that the correct weight loss will not work without the normal amount of protein, and workouts. All diets have at least a couple of snack between meals. Instead of snacking and you need to drink a protein shake. They can replace any meal reception, but replace the snacks better than breakfast or dinner. If you have breakfast just a cocktail, then an hour later you feel hungry again.

For weight loss needs a cocktail in which a minimum of carbohydrates and fats, protein and maximum (80%). These protein sets are quite expensive (the higher the protein content, the higher the price).

Girls as compared to men need less protein per 1 kg of weight, because they have less testosterone. Consequently, muscle growth takes much longer than men, and muscle mass in relation to body weight less. Usually well-built men muscle% – 50-55% of the body weight. And for women – 40-45%. They require 25-30% protein, less than men.

For a set of muscle mass need ladies 1.5 grams of protein per 1 kg of weight, to maintain the shape – 1 gram of protein.

All figures – a set of proteins in general: food + protein (if used). Teenagers and young adults up to 18-19 years, it is necessary to strive for the upper limit of normal, because it is not over the body growth. Boys – 2 g per 1 kg body weight, and girls – 1.5 gram.

There is a hypothesis that for a time to digest only 30 grams of protein. This is wrong, because the body at a time would take much protein, how much he needs. Naturally, you’ll never know how much protein you need at the moment. Therefore, divide your daily protein requirement at several stages of the day, so as not to “run out beyond the norm.”