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The increase in muscle volume for beginner bodybuilders is a priority. Particular attention is paid to biceps and triceps, which are pumped first. It is the volume of muscles on the hands that demonstrate to others, whether a person visits the gym or not. To build muscle mass on the hands, it is necessary not only to engage in simulators, but to select the most effective program. Choose exactly the exercises that most load triceps and biceps, allow you to quickly progress and achieve your goals and objectives.

The proposed training program does not imply the separation of classes from performing exercises for the biceps and triceps, which is rationally explained. The reason for the joint training of these muscle groups is that they are opposite to each other. The study of one antagonist leads to the restoration and increased inflow of blood, rich in nutrients, the second, that is, the opposite muscle. And if you train both biceps and triceps, you can achieve powerful pumping, which positively affects the increase in muscle mass.

Effective exercises for pumping triceps and biceps

The training program for increasing muscle mass in the arms, performed in the gym, is almost entirely built on basic exercises, but there are also several isolating ones. This allows you to deplete the muscle and achieve the maximum effect of pumping.

The training includes two groups of exercises:

pumping triceps and bicepsFor triceps:

  • Bench press lying narrow grip;
  • French press;
  • Extensions on the upper block.

For the biceps:

  • Raising the bar on the bicep while standing;
  • Hammers for biceps;
  • Lift dumbbells to the biceps alternately sitting on the bench.

This complex is enough to completely deplete the muscular groups involved in the work. The first exercise is basic exercises, and then the emphasis is shifted to isolated movements. Such a system of training is considered the most effective and effective in today’s bodybuilding environment.

The training program is aimed at working out the muscle-antagonists. Consequently, the biceps and triceps are best pumped alternately. Do all the exercises first to one, and then to another group less efficiently.

A program for training hands for weight

To better understand how to pump the biceps with the triceps, the following sequence of exercises should be followed. So, the program is done according to the following scheme:

  • Lifting the bar to the biceps standing (3-4 X 8-12);
  • Bench press lying narrow grip (3-4 X 8-12);
  • Hammers (3-4 X 8-12);
  • French press (3-4 X 8-12);
  • Lifting dumbbells to the biceps sitting on the bench + extension on the triceps block
  • alternately for 3-4 sets for each exercise.

training hands for weightThe first exercises are performed in the usual for many tempos,Insulin but with the latest beginners may not be all clear. The final stage of the workout of this program involves a transition to supersets. In other words, first one set on the biceps, and the next approach – on the triceps. Then take a short break. After rest, repeat the bicep-triceps. The presence of a super set at the end of the exercise allows you to achieve a powerful pumping effect and lead the muscles to maximum exhaustion. Use these sets should not be every occupation, but periodically. Otherwise, the risk of overtraining increases.

Exercises for training hands

EXERCISES FOR TRAINING HANDSRaising the bar to the biceps standing At the age of 18 or 19 years of membership in the gym I did not have. All I had was a bar, some weight and some dumbbells. And I only knew the lifting of the bar standing on the biceps. Today, it’s still one of my favorite exercises. I believe that lifting the barbell standing on the biceps is a great exercise to start work on the hands, because it is aimed at balance and coordination. This is not isolation and not the machine you rely on, it will help develop your center and overall strength.

Bending of arms with a rod on a Scottish bench

Concentrate on the right technique – the elbows are tightly pressed to the stand, do not rock, without jerks and jerks, and a large stretch when bending hands with the bar on Scott’s bench. At the peak of this isolated exercise, do not forget to squeeze your biceps as hard as possible for maximum inflation. Stay focused throughout the whole movement, otherwise you will not pump up your hands like the classic bodybuilding champions. Build a brain-muscle connection. This will give you more control, and you can feel the continued growth of muscles. Do not be afraid to play with different grips, it will hit your bicep from different angles.

Extension of hands with a dumbbell from behind the head

For a really thoughtful blow to your triceps, you need to raise your arms above your head. Maintain control when putting dumbbells behind your head, for a really good load, lower them as low as possible and keep the whole time at maximum.

Push-ups on the uneven bars

Push-ups on the uneven bars are an excellent final exercise. Your triceps are already tired and push-up on the uneven bars will give them an additional final push. If necessary, increase the intensity by adding the number of repetitions, counting and decreasing your period for rest. Do the maximum possible number of repetitions, regardless of your fatigue.