Side effects and actions of creatine


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Among the variety of types of sports nutrition occupies a special place creatine. It is most effective additive to increase muscle mass and enhance endurance in training. Now more and more athletes prefer creatine and use it together with a protein or a gainer for maximum effect on employment.

Creatine – a nitrogen-containing carboxylic acid, is a natural substance that is produced by the kidneys and liver. Also creatine in great quantity in the muscle tissues – 3-4 g per kg. weight. By additional supplementation, the number increased to 5 g per kg. and due to this there is an increase of endurance of the body and begins rapid muscle growth.

Creatine is found in the normal diet – meat and fish, but to get the daily requirement is necessary to eat several kilograms of these products, so the athletes prefer to use an additional source of this substance as a food additive.

Already studied all the side effects and the effects of creatine monohydrate, so we need only determine your rate of consumption and to make the individual cycle of taking this supplement.

Creatine is actively involved in the synthesis of ATP, which provides energy muscle activity. At rupture of these molecules and release of energy occurs due to which the muscle contraction. When the ATP stores are depleted, the reduction of muscle tissue does not occur. Data Recovery molecules can take place with the participation of creatine, which is found in muscle tissue. To replenish its reserves and used creatine supplements that will improve the capacity of the muscles during intense workouts.

Creatine benefits and harms

Like any sports supplement creatine has features that can be beneficial or harmful in certain circumstances.

For dieters and adhere to certain diets, the use of this additive does not bring special advantage since set mass typically occurs as a result of increasing the intensity and efficiency of training. When there is a diet goal is to lose and not gain weight, so in this case the use of creatine too.

But there is the opposite opinion, which is based on the fact that the increase of creatine gives only “dry” muscle mass and does not cause the appearance of fatty deposits. In addition, during the diet may lack energy reserves, as there is a reduction of daily calories and then creatine will be very useful. Combining its excellent results in getting rid of body fat can be achieved with the use of protein and intense workouts.

Damage creatine is only a few side effects that may be caused by individual intolerance components additives overdose or characteristics of the creatine is not related to external factors.

Also, the use of this additive may cause harm if it is not correct to combine with other substances, such as simple sugars or vasoactive amino acids.


The use of creatine

Specific effects of creatine in the body is determined by the individual characteristics, but there are a number of proven beneficial effects, which has the additive:

  • Increase in muscle mass. At constant training and observance of proper nutrition creatine can help gain two to five kilos of muscle mass in just one month of reception. By increasing the strength achieved high impact on the muscles, due to which the activated active process of their growth.
  • Increased strength and endurance. During high-intensity exercise muscle tissue require the molecules of ATP, by which energy is released. Food supplement is a source of phosphocreatine, which are formed by a molecule of ATP, so creatine significantly increases muscle strength.
  • Relief of muscle. Creatine monohydrate increases the amount of water in the muscle cell, whereby it seems to be more rounded and bulk. When muscle cells increase in volume due to hydration process increases protein synthesis and decreases the process of disintegration, which favorably affects the growth of muscles and increase their relief.
  • Buffering lactic acid. During intense weight training the muscles produce lactic acid, which causes a burning sensation while working the muscles and slows their recovery. Creatine beneficial for containment isolation of lactic acid and muscle recovery after power loads.

Besides the main positive influence exerted on the organism of a creatine, a number of additional beneficial properties from the use of this food additive:

  • It protects the central nervous system under the conditions of lack of oxygen.
  • It reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.
  • It prevents muscle wasting and neuromuscular disorders.
  • It can act as an anti-inflammatory agent for local or acute inflammation of tissues.

harm creatine


Creatine is a safe food additive and its damage can be seen in side effects, the frequency of occurrence is quite low – about 4%.


question raised in many studies that creatine is harmful or not. Their result showed no danger of the food supplements for health or the offering of the body of man irreversible harm. But as with any substance, creatine has its own characteristics, which may bring some discomfort.

Side effects of creatine and harm to the body:

  • Maldigestion can occur due to the slow solubility of creatine crystals which when swallowed may cause gastrointestinal distress. It is manifested by nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea. To prevent this effect should be taken only high quality supplements or give preference in liquid or capsule form of creatine that are less effective.
  • Water retention is an essential effect of the use of creatine. It does not harm the body, but only causes weight gain. When the water delay occurs not be limited to fluid intake or taking diuretics, since This may cause a reverse process of dehydration (dehydration).
  • Dehydration due to the osmotic activity of creatine, through which part of the liquid portion of the blood can go to the muscles. To prevent this effect should consume large amounts of liquid that must reach three liters per day.
  • Acne (pimples) may appear in the final not reached puberty athletes due to increased testosterone levels. After 23 years, this effect is almost completely eliminated.

Due to the existence of a negative opinion of sports nutrition in the unenlightened strata of the population, there are a number of myths about the dangers of creatine, including:

  • Evoke addiction
  • cardiac overload
  • Reduced potency
  • Increased blood pressure
  • carcinogenic effects

These effects are just speculation and do not receive confirmation of any scientific research or in a review of people who use creatine.


Specialists proved that even in the use of high doses of creatine is not harmful to health. But if you do, there are certain contraindications against the use of creatine it should be avoided.


The use of creatine is not recommended for people who have an idiosyncrasy of the product components.

The molecules of the substance and have a small size and excellent displays during normal operation of the renal system, but creatine should not be used for people with chronic kidney disease or kidney failure.


Creatine caution should be used when:

  • pregnancy
  • asthma
  • Childhood (it is necessary to adjust the dosage)
  • Diabetes (you need to monitor glucose)


The composition and properties of creatine

As part of this type of sports nutrition may be present as one or a plurality of elements, and there are two options additives depending on the criterion:

  • Creatine monohydrate – pure creatine, which included not present additional substances. Its properties include high efficiency, excellent compatibility with other sports supplements and high quality.
  • The mixture creatine transport system – a combination of creatine and other components, the number of which may be up to 30. These additives are not always possess useful properties, and a variety of components may adversely affect the effectiveness of the drug, because some of them should be used separately from each other and at different times.

Types of creatine

There are many varieties of creatine, which are a mixture of the substance and other components.

The main and most used forms of creatine:

  • Creatine monohydrate – commonly used in powder form and is the most popular and researched view of sports nutrition. It consists of creatine with the addition of water.
  • Creatine angidrous – represents pure separated water from creatine. He could not give a greater effect than creatine monohydrate, but it can completely replace it.
  • Creatine citrate is a mixture of creatine with citric acid which helps in the process of power generation. Due to the presence of citric acid in the composition of active form of creatine is more readily soluble in water.
  • Creatine phosphate is a compound of creatine molecules and phosphate, which is an essential component to obtain the maximum effect. But the phosphate group in the composition can complicate the process of absorption of creatine into the muscle tissue.
  • Creatine tartrate is a mixture of molecules with molecules creatine tartaric acid. Usually used in the creation of solid creatine forms – tablets, capsules, chewable records since the presence of malic acid makes it possible to increase the period of preservation of useful properties.
  • Creatine malate – mixture of molecules with molecules creatine malic acid. This supplement can give some more energy than creatine monohydrate has good solubility and digestibility.


Can I buy creatine in pharmacy

Previously, you could buy some types of sports nutrition, including creatine, in pharmacies.

Now high-quality creatine from the best manufacturers can be found only in sports nutrition stores.

Huge selection of creatine in a powder form or in the form of capsules present in the online stores. Trust only conducted by manufacturers of sports nutrition, which use high-quality components in the composition of their products.


For athletes, the purpose of which is to increase endurance in training and active muscle growth, creatine – is the ideal view of sports nutrition. Apart from the main effect, it has many useful properties: prevents the formation of lactic acid and increases muscle definition. Damage from creatine is not essential, but if you do not have contraindications to the use of this additive. There are several types of creatine, of which the most widely used and is effective to creatine monohydrate. Get creatine only from manufacturers conducted in specialized stores sports nutrition.



Protein cocktails for muscle growth


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Athletes seeking to muscle gain, like to add to your diet a variety of protein (protein) cocktails. Active loads increase the need for protein. Proteins favor the restoration and strengthening of muscle fibers, which can be damaged during training and competition.

Dietary proteins are not only serve as raw material for muscle, but are potent stimulators of the synthesis of proteins present in muscles (anabolism). When proteins with food ingested, the digestive system breaks them down into amino acids and then acquires them in this form.

It is recommended for endurance athletes receive 1.2-1.4 grams of protein per 1 kg of body weight per day, and for the strength 1.4-1.8 grams per day. These volumes are difficult to recruit from food alone.

Protein powders coated daily allowance and promote the recruitment and maintenance of muscle mass of the athlete. These cocktails contain a source of protein for the additive to the daily diet.

Additives are in the form of a drink, the bar, powder. Consider cocktails.

Are protein shakes help for muscle growth

Protein shakes are shown at very high protein requirements (exercises for strength and speed). Reasons for sportsmen protein requirement is higher than that of inactive people:

  • Experiments have shown that increased consumption of protein in sports;
  • the proportion of muscular energy is generated due to the amino acids;
  • intensive training can cause the release of hormones that deplete the muscle fibers, and is formed in parallel with the degradation of the hearth with inflammation, which also damages the muscle;
  • athletes grow more impressive muscle mass than normal people, this leads to an exacerbation of their protein requirements.
  • at high loads increases the loss of amino acids, derivable from the body with body fluids.

A protein shake can be a kind of sports nutrition, it can be prepared and independently. Simply prepare a cocktail of protein powder, simply diluting it with water, juice, milk.

To prepare homemade cocktail, you need to take is about the range of products: milk, cottage cheese, oatmeal, raw eggs, bananas, mixing them in a blender. To make the taste qualities taken to choose honey, fruits, cocoa, berries, nuts. There you can add protein powder.

Shops substance for muscle growth – is concentrated powders from food raw materials (eggs, milk, meat, soybeans). Most mixture consists of 60-80% of the protein, but there are high-protein mixture. Whey protein – the highest quality.

Protein shake – is a powerful tool, and you need to use it with caution. Some manufacturers of fake powders for drinks, so do not buy them from under the counter. This will run the risk of powerful drugs (amphetamines, anabolic steroids), addictive.

To select a quality product, you must:

  • not trust supplements that promise incredible results;
  • skeptical of advertising, often the information in it is not well understood, or is not supported by scientific evidence, in particular brighter rollers such as “pre-post”;
  • ask for proof of manufacturer, confirming the product information;
  • make sure all evidence of impartiality (research conducted in the laboratory, are published in a respectable scientific journal, sponsored not only at the expense of the manufacturer).

How to drink protein shakes for weight gain

Protein cocktails use or kit for muscle mass, or for retaining lean body mass during weight loss. Drink a protein shake is recommended for an hour before and no more than a day after classes. It helps to reduce weight, saving muscle. Protein shake contributes to weight loss only in combination with the load and a healthy diet. Coaches confirm that the correct weight loss will not work without the normal amount of protein, and workouts. All diets have at least a couple of snack between meals. Instead of snacking and you need to drink a protein shake. They can replace any meal reception, but replace the snacks better than breakfast or dinner. If you have breakfast just a cocktail, then an hour later you feel hungry again.

For weight loss needs a cocktail in which a minimum of carbohydrates and fats, protein and maximum (80%). These protein sets are quite expensive (the higher the protein content, the higher the price).

Girls as compared to men need less protein per 1 kg of weight, because they have less testosterone. Consequently, muscle growth takes much longer than men, and muscle mass in relation to body weight less. Usually well-built men muscle% – 50-55% of the body weight. And for women – 40-45%. They require 25-30% protein, less than men.

For a set of muscle mass need ladies 1.5 grams of protein per 1 kg of weight, to maintain the shape – 1 gram of protein.

All figures – a set of proteins in general: food + protein (if used). Teenagers and young adults up to 18-19 years, it is necessary to strive for the upper limit of normal, because it is not over the body growth. Boys – 2 g per 1 kg body weight, and girls – 1.5 gram.

There is a hypothesis that for a time to digest only 30 grams of protein. This is wrong, because the body at a time would take much protein, how much he needs. Naturally, you’ll never know how much protein you need at the moment. Therefore, divide your daily protein requirement at several stages of the day, so as not to “run out beyond the norm.”

L-carnitine for weight loss


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L-carnitine – a sports nutrition product that helps to cope with excess weight, fatigue and stress.Due to its composition, consisting of amino acids and vitamins, it helps to burn fat. This effect can be achieved if you take L-carnitine before exercise, and how to drink it, and what better to choose will be discussed below.

The properties of L-carnitine for weight loss

This sports food product has the following properties:

  • It helps burn fat;
  • “Charges” of energy, which helps to support the load during exercise;
  • lowers blood cholesterol to normal levels;
  • positive effect on the cardiovascular system;
  • It helps to cope with stress;
  • It improves memory;
  • strengthens the bones;
  • It reduces appetite, which eliminates the need for snacking between meals.

From the above it can be concluded that L-carnitine not only promotes weight loss, but also a positive effect on the nervous system, the cardiovascular system and the musculoskeletal system.


What better to drink L-carnitine

L-carnitine is available in several forms – a syrup, powder, tablets and capsules. Not everyone knows which one is the best to take drugs.

Each form has its own advantages and disadvantages. Thus, L-Carnitine capsules and tablets easy to use, has a reasonable price and a positive effect on the heart. Powder – this is the most inconvenient form of the drug. It needs to be diluted in a liquid, and it is not always possible. Therefore, in the field of sports nutrition experts say that it is better to drink a liquid L-carnitine, ie the drug in syrup. Its disadvantages include the high cost and the absence of such an effect for the heart, which give tablets and capsules. The rest of the liquid product is superior to other forms of release. It is absorbed much faster than tablets, powder and capsules. Therefore, the liquid formulation facilitates rapid burning of fat and weight loss in this case is the ultimate goal of this receiving sports food product. Therefore it is best to choose a drug.


Instructions for the use of L-carnitine for weight loss

L-carnitine is synthesized by the body. In addition, it comes with the meal. This compound is present in dairy products, nuts, vegetables and meat. With proper nutrition moderate body with food gets about 200 mg of L-carnitine. However, for weight loss, the number is not enough. To reduce the volume of the body is necessary to take 500 to 2,000 mg of the sports nutrition product per day. But most of the L-carnitine slimming drink in an amount of 1500-1800 mg. This is the dosage of the drug per day.


To take the drug more than 3,000 mg per day is strictly prohibited. The increase in the recommended dosage may cause health problems.


Most often, the L-carnitine does not cause side effects, however, its excessive intake can cause allergic reactions, problems with digestion, and so on. D. Therefore, do not exceed the recommended dosage of the drug, and before its use is best to consult a specialist.

Each drug has its own instructions for use. Only its observance ensures a positive result. Thus, L-Carnitine for weight loss should be taken in a specific pattern. It will be different for those who are involved in sports and for those who do not.


How to drink L-carnitine together with sports?

The drug in this case should not exceed 1200 mg per day. L-carnitine weight loss capsules or tablets should be taken as follows:

  • 200 mg of an empty stomach, 20 minutes before breakfast;
  • 200 mg per quarter of an hour before the second breakfast;
  • 200 mg per quarter hour to snack between lunch and dinner;
  • 600 mg 30 minutes before the start of classes in the gym.

Carnitine excites the nervous system. Therefore, during its use is recommended not to drink coffee or take guarana.


How to drink L-carnitine without sports?

In the absence of training drug it is recommended to take 2 capsules or tablets three times a day 20 minutes before meal. If a person suffers from obesity, the dosage should be increased by 2 times, but it does not exceed 3,000 mg per day. Efficacy in this case will not be too high. To achieve a good result, it is necessary to change its power system and increase physical activity. Only these measures in conjunction with taking the drug can help to significantly reduce body weight in no time.

How to take L-carnitine in syrup

Liquid L-carnitine also has a reception circuit. It should consume 5ml 3 times a day 20 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner. This applies to all without exception. People engaged in sports, must also be taken of 15 ml syrup for 30 minutes before the training.

How to take L-carnitine powder

Taking the drug in the powder is recommended as follows:

  • at power and cardio receiving circuit will be as follows – 1000 mg of drug 20 minutes before breakfast, 1000 ml for 20 min to strength training and 1000 mg per 15 minutes to cardio;
  • under aerobic classes – 1000 mg for 20 minutes before breakfast and 2000 mg for 20 minutes prior to training;
  • in the absence of training – 1000 mg for 20 minutes before breakfast.

Recommendations for L-carnitine slimming reception

To the drug gave tangible results without harm to health, it is necessary to adhere to the following guidelines for its use:

  • The course of this type of sports nutrition should not exceed 1 month.
  • Re-apply to the drug can be 6 months after completion of the course.
  • Upon receiving the L-carnitine workout duration should not be less than 30 minutes. If you ignore this point and reduce training time, the drug will cause a strong sense of hunger and weight loss no effect.
This product should not be taken during the period of gestation and infant feeding his chest, otherwise you may have some health problems.


To lose weight, the best reception of L-carnitine combined with training as well as to change the power supply system. The only way to achieve tangible results in a short time.

Creatine monohydrate


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Creatine monohydrate – a sports nutrition product that is recommended to eat to build muscle.However, this is not all, for what needs creatine. Also, this product increases stamina, performance and power of the athlete. Release form of creatine monohydrate – powder, capsules and tablets.Each type of sports nutrition has its own characteristics and application rules. I was no exception and creatine monohydrate. Only by adhering to the rules of the drug guarantee a positive result.

Composition creatine monohydrate

More often than creatine monohydrate is composed of only creatine. Some sports nutrition experts say, such a formulation of the drug is safe for health, because it does not increase the load on the internal organs. However, many manufacturers ignore this fact. Therefore, they are added to the composition of other substances.

It is best to opt for creatine in its purest form. it will only give the desired results in a short time without causing harm.

Use of creatine and harm receiving monohydrate

Before you start using this supplement, you need to know the benefit it brings to the body and cause harm.

Benefits of sports nutrition is as follows:

  • It allows you to quickly gain muscle mass.
  • It increases strength.
  • It gives the “charge” of energy. Creatine has properties to store energy until the end of exercise, and to restore it after the completion of the exercises.
  • It helps to form the beautiful terrain of the torso. The fact, that creatine has properties to retain moisture in the muscle fibers. Due to this, there is a nice relief.
  • It increases the production of hormones – namely testosterone and growth hormone.
  • It relieves inflammation in the body, which is caused by arthritis.
  • Prevents ischemic diseases because creatine has properties transport oxygen to tissues.
  • It increases efficiency.

This highlights why there is creatine monohydrate. This is also its good for the body.

As for the damage, the cause of his creatine alone can not. The fact that it is synthesized by the body, so it is constantly present. However, in this case it is a question of a concentrated creatine, which is obtained by artificial means. Therefore, it has its contraindications, as well as any other synthetic drug. Here they are:

  • Bronchial asthma.
  • Pathology of internal organs, namely – the liver and kidneys.
  • The period of gestation and baby’s feeding his chest. In this case, we can not say that the drug will cause harm to the body, because no clinical studies of its use.

If in these cases to prevent creatine monohydrate, it is possible to encounter health problems. Consequently, this will be the harm of the sports supplements.

Side effects of creatine monohydrate

It has been said that creatine monohydrate per se does not cause harm to the body. However, it may cause side effects. I must say that this happens very rarely.

Side effects occur only in 4 cases out of 100. In most cases, this occurs in the case of the creatine monohydrate incorporated additional substances. That they cause side effects.

This is manifested as follows:

  • edema occur;
  • appears dehydration;
  • problems with digestion;
  • concerned about seizures.

Although side effects occur rarely, they are still there. This is also a reason to prefer the product in pure form, in which there are no impurities in the composition. This will help prevent side effects.

Reception rules creatine monohydrate

Use of creatine monohydrate powder

There are several ways to use creatine monohydrate powder. The first – is the drug the same portions. This method is the use of creatine called “no-load”. It is based on a daily intake of powder. One serving should contain 5-6 grams of the drug. It needs to be dissolved in liquid. It is best suited for this grape or cherry juice. This combination promotes better assimilation of creatine and quick results. Creatine monohydrate with the juice should drink daily. After training, the drug is best added to the protein or gainer.

Prepare cocktail can be as follows: 1 scoop of creatine is dissolved in a previously prepared heated liquid. When drug use in this case? Every day it should be drunk in the morning before breakfast, and during classes – 20 minutes after the end of training. The course is 2 months. After that you should stop for a month and repeat the course.

The second way to use creatine monohydrate powder – “loading.” Drink creatine in this case just a month. Next, you should take a break at the same time. After this course may be repeated.

Creatine supplementation way “loading” it is necessary to conduct the following scheme. The first 6 days is necessary to use 5 grams of the drug dissolved in a liquid, 4 times a day. When it is better to use? Drink a cocktail should be in between meals. Next, you need to take creatine powder to 2 grams a day for 1 admission. The dosage should not be increased until the end of the course. Cocktail is best to drink in the morning before a meal, and in the days of training – after the completion of training.

in the field of sports nutrition experts and have not decided which method of use of creatine monohydrate better.

Use of creatine monohydrate capsules

How correctly to take creatine monohydrate powder is not only, but also in capsules, as well as when this should be done? The methods in this case are the same as in the preparation of the powder. The only difference is that it does not need to breed, and just drink a selected fluid. The rest of you need to drink it in the same way as the powder formulation.

Top companies – manufacturers of creatine monohydrate

There are many companies that make creatine monohydrate. However, sports nutrition experts allocate only a few that produce really quality product. Here are the best companies, in their opinion – creatine monohydrate from Optimum Nutrition, Ultimate Nutrition and Dymatize . These firms are considered the best among similar, because in their products, there are no auxiliary substances that may cause harm to the body. In addition, they produce high-quality products that help to achieve results in the short term. Therefore, in the field of sports nutrition experts urge to purchase creatine monohydrate only the best firms – manufacturers.